I sought the counsel of a very wise man last year.

Concerned with fears and anxiety about most everything, I’d heard that he was very wise and kind. I don’t believe in coincidences. We met several times. After each meeting, I came away with much mind food to process. Always perfectly honed to my emotional temperature. No matter that we are several generations apart in age, his being and perspective on life are ageless.

What stuck with me then and remains with me now is the word “whatever”.

He had a piece of paper in his wallet with that word written on it. Before meeting him, I’d always used “whatever” as a throw down word, one that showed my indifference to what was said to me at any given time. The short version of “I could care less”. I don’t use this word in that way anymore.

“Whatever” is full of life – the possible and the impossible, the good and the bad, the miracle and the tragedy – and all the juicy and parched parts in between.

For more years than I like to think about, I allowed emotion to rule my life. And being the terribly stubborn woman I am, I refused to believe that life isn’t easy, that if I did A, then certainly B would happen and my life would be perfectly C. Ha! The B and C rarely, if ever happened. What? I wasn’t the CEO of my life? I couldn’t control all things great and small? And I wondered why I vacillated between joy – okay – and despair on an hourly basis. Exhausting.

Well, life isn’t easy, but it can be really good. Especially when you don’t allow emotions to rule your every move. That is what deep breaths, counting to three or 3000, and biting your tongue is about. And the word “whatever” frees me from trying to control aspects of life I can do absolutely nothing about and focus on those I can. To me, “whatever” means bring it on. I am religious and I believe the Big Guy doesn’t do anything silly. Therefore, whatever comes, somehow I’ll handle it, even if I can’t imagine how.

There is great promise and hope in that word. After three separate incidents at the end of last year, I know life turns on a dime. I have a great appreciation for being present in this and every moment; I get it, finally. I may not understand “why” but eventually I do. And it is so much easier to mentally, emotionally and physically say “whatever” to what the minutes, the hours, the day brings.

Whatever. Bursting with possibilities.

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