Today’s Favorites

I love these items:

  1. Oiseau Lip Balm/Peachy Sheen – this stuff is GREAT; it looks, feels and smells so good. There is a slight problem because it is most difficult to find. Anthropologie carries it – but not online. Would love another source. Oiseau is french for bird.
  2. The glorious interior landscapes of Janet Hill and the extraordinary prints by Amber Alexander. Check them out  at
  3. St. Ives Fresh Skin Collagen Elastin Facial Moisturizer – this moisturizer looks like meringue and feels light and airy on the face and neck. No animal testing. Inexpensive ($5 for 10-oz jar). I have to order it from because I can’t find it anywhere in town and I live in a huge city.
  4. Hidden object computer games
  5. – this store has so many items, but the funny ones caught my attention. Where else can you get a cootie catcher fortune-teller ($8.95), a remote control whoopee cushion ($15.50), and an Eiffel Tower food grater (small, $15.50)?

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