Skittish For Good Reason

I was sitting in my office about an hour ago when I got a call from a service person. He came to change my home phone service. Yet another way I am trying to save shekels. He was almost unintelligible on the phone due to his heavy accent. He got irritated with me when I asked him to repeat himself. He sounded scary. Nevertheless, I grabbed my purse and headed home to meet him – even though he was three hours early.

Before I let him in, I put mace in one pocket and my cell phone in the other. No way was this dude coming into my house unless I some sort of protection. He came to my door and he was even ruder and scarier than I imagined.  The thought crossed my mind to tell him to get lost, but I’m trying to cut costs. My next thought was,”What good is thrifty when you’ve been murdered by a rude serviceman?”  Thrifty won out and I opened the door. My dog, Cooper, went insane, barking, jumping up and down, and acting annoyingly unpleasant. Mr. Scary Man announced he would not do any work until the dog disappeared. Bye-bye Cooper. Scary went right to work, refusing to answer any of my questions. Screw you, get the work done and get the hell out of here. He did and he did. Cooper came back in and all is right with the world again.

I don’t know if I was born skittish, but circumstances have certainly made me so. Have been burglarized (who hasn’t?), was unintentionally five-feet away from a nut job when he raised a shotgun and killed a nurse in an emergency room, and recently met my neighbor when she ran to my door for help after being viciously raped. These instances justify my jumpiness in my mind.

As I said, Scary is gone, I have new, cheaper phone service, and everything here is back to normal.  But you really can never be too careful.

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