Why the current “Bachelor” is a douche and other television trainwrecks

Reality television was my guilty pleasure.

Watching real people say and do the most idiotic things – for love and/or money –  made me feel good.  I mean, I do a bunch of dumb stuff, but not on television. Fortunately, I’ve had my fill of this “reality” nonsense.

Two shows make me ill: The Bachelor and Housewives of OC, Atlanta, New Jersey, etc.

Both of my daughters pronounced the current Bachelor a douche. Aside from being awfully proud of their vocabulary, I thought they were being harsh about that Jake guy. So I turned it on. He is a GIANT douche. He looks good and he thinks he is smooth. This guy isn’t looking for a wife, he’s auditioning for his own show. Why would any of these women vie with other women for one guy? Talk about humiliating yourself, yikes! Jake is especially offensive because he uses the worst lines on these girls, and they just squeak and squeal like he’s so fine. He is so NOT! When he said “I could get lost in your eyes” and “I could get lost in you” to one girl and then cut her – really?  He sucks as does the entire concept of this show. The smartest person here was the woman who got involved with the producer and left . She won!

I have a big bone to pick with the creators of the Housewives show. These women may live in houses but they are hardly housewives. Bimbos, convicts, air heads, psychos, and dumb asses, yes. Housewives, no. Driving carpool, doing the laundry, paying bills, and grocery shopping would not bring in ratings. So it’s all about wine and whine, boob jobs, hair extensions,wine, shopping, more wine, sex, youthologists, diamonds, and wine. Blech! Rename this series Trailer Trash Tarts and put it on the Playboy channel already.

Perhaps I’m offended for women who would put themselves in such humiliating situations. I’m hoping that the only reason they do it is because they need the money and are a little long-in-the-teeth to hit the streets. Whatever. Never mind. I’m so poor, I can’t afford to pay attention so I best get off this rant and on to work. That’s reality!

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