New Day

*Disclaimer: while “harsh” is a good word to describe some of the items I write about others, I mean it in the very nicest way. I’m all over not throwing stones; there is nothing near perfect about me. I just don’t really fancy toxic people and their emo shredding techniques.

Thank God for today. Yesterday was a medium on the Suck Thermometer. And I was a drama queen. Hate when that happens.  Today is great in comparison. With just the tiniest bit of information, my feelers don’t hurt a bit and my heart is just fine, thank you. Those stupid blues were all my fault because … I forgot! 

I forgot the “loved” one is a pathological liar. And not loved by me at all.  I did have a productive day. And I’m over foolish as I forgot the person hurling those vibes my way is mentally ill. Really.

So there!

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