Fill in the blank/not a test

Don’t you just hate those tests you have to take when applying for a job? You try to figure out what the employer wants you to say because you need the job. You get the job and it’s a damn bad fit. Whatever!  I do like fill-in-the-blank lists when I’m the boss and the employee. I get to make up the questions and the correct answers. So easily amused ….

  • My favorite time of day is ……… before sunrise.
  • Leftovers are ….. gross, but a non-negotiable necessity in this economy.
  • I know people who are …….wonderful.
  • I know other people who are ….. completely repulsive.
  • My favorite sandwich is ….. turkey and provolone on foccacia bread with pesto.
  • People say I …. take things too personally. That would be correct.
  • Each morning as I take my shower, I thank God for …..water.
  • I am …. superstitious. Wrote a 13-page article on superstitions once.  13? Yikes!
  • Personality traits I cannot stand …. three-way tie: liars, the perpetually passive-aggressive, and terminal takers who suck the life right out of you. Shoo!
  • When I’m upset, I can’t ……eat.
  • When I’m happy, I ….. roll with it.
  • If I could be any movie star I would be ….. Diane Lane.
  • I refuse to read …… bodice rippers.
  • I always try to ……listen. May not like what I’m hearing, but I’m listening.
  • Cocktail of choice is ….. gin and tonic, two limes, please.
  • I wish I didn’t look like a ……Q-Tip.
  • I think it is fun to …..belly dance.
  • When someone pushes me too far, I …..shut down. That  person ceases to exist. Don’t suggest therapy – been there, done that, wrote the check. Fortunately, I only shut down now when a scary,wicked, going-straight-to-hell-for-sure person attempts to work me.
  • I’m really bad about …..ignoring giant red flags.
  • My least favorite word is ……deserve. It screams “entitlement” to me.
  • I’ve made really good choices when it comes to …. friends.
  • I have not made very good choices when it comes to ……men. Chose fixer-uppers that were, unfortunately, irretrievably broken. And who did I think I was, anyway? God? So not. Am happy to say I’ve also enjoyed the company of some really great, healthy men. Maybe every woman has this ratio? No clue.
  • It makes me happy to hear …… good news about anything and anyone.
  • I believe that prayer is ….. powerful.
  • The most important word in my world is …
  • If I were a better person, I would always be ….gentle, kind, open, loving, non-judgemental.
  • I hope I never lose my ….. enthusiasm.
  • If I were a cake, I would be ….. vanilla with creamy vanilla icing.
  • The nicest celebrity I’ve met to date is ….. Sam Waterston. I love that man.

Okay, am totally sick of myself. Anyone reading this is probably standing over the toilet by now.


4 thoughts on “Fill in the blank/not a test

  1. Scary, wicked, going straight to hell person…good grief sounds intolerable. I am NOT standing over the toilet and you are NOT a Q-Tip.

  2. I loved this. Hope you don’t mind me filling in my own blanks.

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