I’m somewhat amused by odd words people use, bizarre things they say, and the current slang my daughters sling about.

My friend, KK, works with a funny (ha ha) woman who has put a good spin on the word “undesirable”. Instead of saying, “That place is outer limitsville, crappy, too other side of the tracks”, she says, “That scene is far-fetchy”. There are far-fetchy people, places, and things. I love that. Such an insanely creative and polite way to say, “You – It – That Sucks!

Someone else I know calls any and all cars/SUV’s/trucks “vehicles”.  He sounds like he processes driver’s licenses when he’s not a Wal-Mart greeter, but this guy isn’t old. Perhaps the far-fetchiest person I know, but not old. I told him to stop it, he sounded like a police officer. Funny thing is, the police in at least three states would probably like to have a word with him. Vehicle? Shut up.

When she thinks something is fabulous, my eldest daughter calls it “the shit”. Or at least she did last week. The term is probably dead and buried by now. It’s a stretch for me to put the word “shit” alongside anything I think is anywhere near decent. Shit is shit to me.

My hilarious friend, Ann, uses the term “not so much” in place of “Are you f-ing kidding me? Absolutely NOT!” She has nice manners. I don’t. But it is a handy little term when asked any number of questions like, “Will you marry me?”, “Do you love me?”, and “How do you like my hair, dress, personality, shoes, etc.”. Not so much…..

Another interesting tidbit that has probably died as well is texting the letter “K or k” for “okay”. For some reason, that lonely letter strikes me as so vulnerable.

And then, there are  those statements people make. The unsolicited ones that you know are the biggest bunch of bs ever. “I’ll make it up to you”, “I don’t mean this in a bad way but ….”, “You really should ….”, “What’s the big deal about ….”.

So far-fetchy! Oy!

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