Can and Can’t

My “thinks” for today:

  • Mean girls grow up to be mean women. Scary monsters!
  • Why would anyone encourage extra drama in life? I mean, there is quite enough that occurs naturally; why would anyone want more?  Sheesh.
  • Baking bread makes me feel good.
  • Am I the only person around who thinks that Valentine movie looks cute?
  • Why do male dogs have to hike their leg ever six seconds?
  • The address stamp I ordered came in the mail. It says it was inspected by “Roberta”. “Hey, Roberta – IT’S BROKEN, IT DOESN’T WORK. WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?”
  • I love words so much, I forget that action should go with them. My bad and your bad.
  • Every week, I get a voice mail from a bill collector looking for Michael Jackson. Really. Someone needs to get that estate settled.
  • I wish I understand people and their motives behind what they do. Then again, if I knew all that kind of stuff, I’d be God, and that position is already taken.
  • It is dark and rainy. Another cold front coming in. This makes me happy. I want it to stay cold through August because as soon as it heats up here, I have to buy a new condensor unit for my AC. Hmmm …. I wonder how many loaves of bread that will cost me?


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