Worth A Glance …

Have been thumbing through catalogues (how can they afford to print these things?) and meandering online. Here are the latest items that caught my eye:

Hair: I’ve used Oscar Blandi Dry Shampoo for the last few years and I love it. It is so handy when I wake up with bed head or need to fluff. I prefer the powder form to the spray. The little bottle last a long time. I spotted it yesterday in the Soft Surroundings catalogue; Sephora and Ulta carry it as well – or did the last time I bought it. The nice, light scent is lovely.

Home: I believe the world has gone Suzani crazy; the beautiful old patterns are popping up in every form and fashion.  I always like an alternative and I found one in the latest Acacia catalogue: Boho Pillows from India. The colors are bold, the patterns charming, and uses unlimited. And they are very affordable. Good bang for buck.

Clothing: The most adorable catalogue to hit my mailbox in a long time is from Boden. The clothing and accessories are designed in London; they’ve recently added US sizes. Use of “colour” for “color” and offering a “No Quibble Guarantee” are dead giveaways that this is a British operation. Nice, fun clothes priced well. Lots of great descriptions, opinions, and detail. Favorite item: very smart, Multi Stripe Uptown Coat, perfect for spring. Free shipping, free returns.

Have a serious crush on the Go Silk line of blouses. Really. The wonderful “Rosette-Sleeve” top is smashing in pink.  The “Passamenterie” blouse is spectacular for broad shoulders.  The “Evelyn” top by kate spade is another nice spring piece.

Shoes: Have you noticed that “caged” is all the rage? My favorites so far are the “Ampari” sandal by Matt Bernson, the “Verona” by Cole Haan, and the “Pan” by Star Ling. “Macadamia” by Born is a nice gladiator sandal. If you have beautiful feet, you have to see the “Martina” by typeZ. Still digging dressy shoes – check out the crazy wonderful rosettes on the side of “Critia” by Nina. Love those!

Recipes: Recipe treasure trove – www.projectfoodie.com .

I’m out.

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