Pile O’Projects

I am the worst when it comes to getting things done.  Not fun things. Home things. Like becoming and staying organized,  focusing on one project until it is complete, keeping all things neat, tidy, and “just so”.  I don’t have ADD; I am a slug. Can always find time for what I want to do and never make time for what I should do until I’m under the gun. Which makes the things I should do that much more unsavory.

I have piles of projects all over the place. Get all into something, then move on to something else.  I want to put up this unfinished business.  But that means I have to clean out the cabinets and closets so I’ll have a place to put the piles.  The cabinets and closets are bursting with my older projects. This conundrum leaves me no choice but to completely ignore the cabinets, shelves, and piles and go bake bread, read, and avoid all responsibilities. Sure, I could start at A to get to B to arrive at the nirvana others experience when there’s “a place for everything and everything in its place”.  I just don’t feel like doing that. 

 Looks are so deceiving.  My home looks bright and shiny.  But God help the person who mistakes the coat closet for the powder room; they will certainly be buried under an avalanche of knitting, needlepoint canvases, and to-do lists. When I get a responsibility nudge, better up that homeowner’s umbrella policy. Not now, later!  I’m very busy baking bread and reading Vanity Fair!

Am lucky there’s no one around to make me feel guilty. Except Cooper. He doesn’t care. I think Dennis Leary said, “All men want are sex and a sandwich”.  He  doesn’t know Cooper. All Coop wants are dog food and a walk.  We are perfect for each other.

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