I love today.  Actually saw the sun!  A few “thinks” are crowding my brain:

  • Am a crazed baker. Have logged in cheese/bacon bread, white bread, cheese/jalapeno bread, cinnamon bread, and orange bread in the last two days. THIS IS NUTS.  Nuts …. need to make nut bread!
  • I am no better than anybody else.  I know this.  The earlier we learn that the ground is level – regarding ourselves and other inhabitants of the world – the better.  I’m late but I get it.
  • If the Olympian lugers were having such a heinous time with the speed of the track in practice runs, why wasn’t this addressed and corrected  before the young Georgian athlete was killed?  Horrid.
  • Money can’t buy class. Nor can it buy you a soul.  Period. It can make you comfortable.  It can be used for good, to help the helpless. It can buy frippery to make you look fine on the outside. But a pig is a pig is a pig when your soul is rotten to the core.
  • Found my favorite mixing bowls – a set of 6 – on sale at Sur la table; they are also made by the company. So great.
  • My dear friend, T, has been in the hospital for almost a week with a very dangerous illness.  She lives in another city.  She still can’t have visitors.  Prayer is powerful, and that’s a good thing because there is nothing else I can do for her right now.
  • Men who pay attention to the details are dreamy.
  • I read a million books. Have never been in a book club. Odd.
  • The coolest women are in my bunco group.  I don’t play bunco.  I go to see these funny, interesting, wonderful people.
  • Am concerned with the proofread button used in posting here; it does not spell check well at all. Blah!

That orange bread is FUNKY.  Now have an almond poppyseed pound cake in the oven. I accidently turned on “The Bachelor” (my bad). That creepy Jake is sexing with 3-1/2 women. Wretched. Need to get over that dumb ass show and get a life!


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