Tears in the Tuna Fish Aisle

Very strange, scary time.  As Austin Ann would say, “Lord A’ Mercy!”

Two days ago, I posted about my friend, T.  She’s been in the hospital a week now.  She had surgery Monday.  Her precious husband and daughter have maintained the hospital vigil.  No visitors.  Which is smart – hospitals aren’t coffee shops; patients aren’t in there to entertain friends and neighbors. T has an amazing, wonderful cadre of friends in the city where she lives. They are the best.  Especially the delightful woman dedicated to giving the rest of us a daily update on T’s health.  As late as yesterday, she was improving.  Still in the weeds, but better.  Love that good news.

We all know how life turns on a dime.  We just don’t like the constant reminders.  The news this morning was not what I expected.  T is going back into surgery at 4 pm.  Two surgeries in 48 hours would sucker punch the heartiest person.  I can think of nothing but her.  Am sure that is a collective feeling at this moment.

After I got the update, I went to the grocery store.  Ran right into my mother!  She’d just finished a radiation treatment and was nabbing a few treats for her Mahjong gathering tonight.  She looked absolutely fabulous.  Blessings.  I couldn’t hug her because I have a cold in my nose.  I told her about T, and all of a sudden, we both had tears running down our cheeks. Smack dab in the middle of the tuna fish aisle. On Ash Wednesday.  OKAY, OKAY, WE GET IT – WE’RE NOT BULLETPROOF. But a little mercy would be a nice touch right now.

I have no doubt that T will heal.  Her resources are very deep.  It is emotionally painful to know someone you love is experiencing so much hardship. Again, a shared feeling for sure.  All I can think of, the only thing I hear in my mind, is the refrain from a Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young song.  “Helpless, helpless, helpless”.

But maybe not.  I can pray.  To God.  For T to be healed and bounce back like nobody’s business.  That’s what I’m doing right this minute.  You can, too –  even though you may never meet her. I’m positive she and her family would be most grateful.

We all need one another.  And it really does take a village.

2 thoughts on “Tears in the Tuna Fish Aisle

  1. That was wonderfully put good friend

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