So Sick Of ….

Driving to work yesterday, I turned on the radio.  A local station was doing a call-in segment entitled, “I’m So Sick Of…” Pulled into my parking space before I could hear any of the answers.  But it did get me thinking.  I’m so sick of:

  • The total lack of discretion by the Iphone Apps people.  WHAT ARE YOU THINKING? Are you thinking?  When scrolling through the Apps store, there is no way to avoid “Adult: Boobs and Butts” and “Exotic Positions” (Entertainment), “Nude X: See Under Clothes” (Utilities?), “Amateur Thongs” and “69 Positions” (Lifestyle), “Kalm Sutra” (Healthcare & Fitness). Trust me, the list is extensive.  Can you people at Apple make a new category, call it “Sex” and put all this stuff in there?  That way, when I’m looking for a flashlight app or a new calendar, I don’t have to scroll through “Asian Girls” and “Naughty Hotties” to get there?
  • Fear and loathing in D.C.
  • Misrepresentation and misinterpretation on every level … personal, communal, city, state, national, and global.
  • The same grocery store chain charging one price for sugar in one part of town, a lower price in a different part of the same town. Not limited to sugar by a longshot. Do you think all consumers are idiots?
  • TV commercials advertising extremely personal products.  Oy. I’m all over health and hygiene but shouldn’t the “cures” for nasty man/woman problems stay in the doctor’s office?  Eeeewwww!
  • People who don’t “pick up” after their dogs. Repulsive. Inexcusable. Especially where I live.  When I walk Cooper around each morning, our green space looks like a herd of horses dropped by the night before. Bad visual any time of day.  Get a bag and get with the program, please!
  • Professional beggars.  I am a sap when it comes to people in need.  Living in a big city, we have beggars at every major intersection.  I always feel so bad for them, so I give whatever change I have to the man whose nose is pressed against my window.  Not anymore.  That specific man, so pitiful and crippled on the street corner, passed me the other day.  He was driving a car much nicer than mine.  Next time I’m going to ask him for money.

Enough ranting, no way to start the day. 

Over and out.

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