Monday – Rah!

It’s Monday.  Life is good.  It doesn’t matter to me that I’m still under the weather.  Nor does it matter that Cooper the Constipated made me walk him FOR AN HOUR in the cold this morning.  So what?  No issues, everything is all right. Already home from work, waiting for bread to rise.  Today I like/love:

  • Patty, “The Matchmaker”:  her client has a permanent “surprised” look on her face; Patty calls it a “Force Five Hurricane Facelift” – gotta love her
  • Bode Miller’s Olympic inspiring redemption – just shows what is possible if you do the work to get your shit together
  • My friend, T, is on the mend – woo hoo!
  • My friend, Teri, gave me a 16-year-old sourdough starter.  Starter maintenance is akin to raising a small animal. 
  • “Best In Show” is on reminding me of my favorite movie, “Waiting for Guffman”
  • Received gorgeous pink roses the other day 🙂
  • Pink roses always remind me of Cowgirl’s mom
  • Am getting orders for my baked goods (!)

Enough glee.  Back to the oven. Later.

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