Simplicity Rocks!

I used to want to be famous and lead a very exciting life.  Today I’m just glad to be alive, could care less about fame, and it’s been a nice day. Who knows how I will feel tomorrow, but today has been good:

  • Figured out which books I’ll be reading next.  In no particular order, they will be The Girl Who Chased the Moon by Sarah Addison Allen, Henry’s Sisters by Cathy Lamb, Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand by Helen Simonson, Sylvan Street by Deborah Schupack, Let’s Take The Long Way Home by Gail Caldwell,  and The Three Weissmans of Westport by Cathleen Schine. In case you were wondering ….
  • Had wonderful tuna mixed with lemon, dill, capers, and bacon on fresh sourdough for dinner.
  • Talked to both daughters:  Miss Peach has an eye infection and College Girl is going out on the town.
  • Austin Ann blew in for a cup of coffee – always a treat for me to see her.
  • Cowgirl’s birthday is coming up and we chatted about where her celebratory feed would take place.
  • Am still employed at the great interior design firm I am lucky to work for (am not a designer). Stumbled upon a great blog, .
  • Thoroughly enjoyed my Thursday morning group of amazing,wise women.

Simple day, simple pleasures, yes!

One thought on “Simplicity Rocks!

  1. So glad for new book reccomendations….do some reviews pluease!!!!! xxx

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