98 Things: The End

At the rate I’m going, I won’t come up with 98 things in 98 years.  So, I begin this with #39 (even if it says 1.) and it will end when it ends.

  1. Cooper the dog thinks the people on tv are alive.  So he’s short on brain power, he’s sweet.
  2. I have to force myself to eat when I’m sad or upset.  I don’t want to be either.
  3. This day, a Monday, goes on record as a wonderful surprise day!  Cowgirl and I have the best friend, Lady Di. She lives in another city.  This morning, Di emailed us, inviting us to her home on Martha’s Vineyard in June!  She is so past awesome.  We would meet her in a ditch in Saigon if it meant we could all be together, but MV is just peachy with us!  I love surprises like this!
  4. I love Boston.  Good thing since we’ll be flying there to get to MV.
  5. Am navigating a bit of a rough patch (understatement).  Have to keep reminding myself, “whatever, Whatever, WHATEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
  6. Haven’t heard a peep from College Girl in Vegas.  I choose to believe that is a good thing.  I know she made it there.  And Miss Peach made it to San Fran.  All good.

Now I’m bored and need a nap.  No more things.  Happy Monday?!?!

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