Spring Broke

College Girl made it home in one piece from Vegas.  Rah!  She and her girl crew decided that if any of them were having a “down” day they would go to Vegas; apparently they got the red carpet treatment there.  “Mom, we didn’t have to stand in any of the lines to get in anywhere, we didn’t have to pay any cover charges, and people sent us free stuff!”  Well I guess not, six beautiful 21-year-olds dressed to the nines do standout among the sweat suit and tennis shoe crowd.  She added that they got to their hotel rooms about 8 am each morning “because you can’t tell what time it is in Las Vegas”.  That’s my girl. And, “Oh, yeah, Mom, I had to charge some food to your credit card – that place is expensive!”  Great.

 The last Vegas story I heard was about my other daughter’s friends.  Apparently one night,  these guys had too much fun and a surplus of alcohol. They found themselves a long way from their hotel with no cab money.  What’s a guy to do?  These enterprising young men noticed they were in front of a construction site, spotted one of those two-seater Caterpillar hauler things – with keys in it.  Of course, they jumped right in, drove that machinery down the strip to their hotel, pulled right up to the front of the hotel and handed the keys to the valet. And that was that.

Miss Peach, aka older daughter, just called from the Napa Valley.  She and her bestie, Panda, took on San Francisco for four days.  They’d made plans to visit our family in Calistoga today and tomorrow.  Problem was, they had no idea how they would get there.  She said they went to a car rental place but the age limit to rent one was 25.  Somehow, someone took pity on them (or advantage of them) and they are driving some horrible red something none of us have ever heard of.  But it has four wheels and runs like a scalded dog.  P & P have named their ride, “The Red Slut”. I think they’ve been drinking a lot of grape juice. And, “Oh yeah, Mom, they wouldn’t take my debit card in San Francisco so I had to charge some stuff on your credit card”. Double Great.

Later.  Have to go apply for the night shift somewhere.

9 thoughts on “Spring Broke

  1. “I had to charge some stuff on your credit card”

    Tell me about it !!! 🙄

  2. My two have absolutely no idea of my credit card details.

    …. I hope!

  3. So is that what I have to look forward to? I’ve only one daughter and a son with such a strong streak of responsibility I sometimes wonder who his real mother is (though I was awake for the birth). Perhaps he’ll keep us both making the minimal payments necessary.

    • I am so sorry I had to break the news to you. Even more, my daughters are hardworking and responsible. And have great taste (my bad). They are good people who haven’t realized I’m not a human ATM. Am so happy you have son who will help you. Would he like to help me as well?

  4. Just saw this and thought I would comment =]
    I am so terrified of credit cards (am 19) that even though my father got me a form for my first one, I have hidden it somewhere in the abyss of our home so I don’t have to look at it. I am working and I take out about thirty dollars biweekly (am still living at home til i go to college in the fall) but I cannot imagine having a credit card.
    I am dreading what my future kids will do…. (not saying your kids are doing anything wrong…im just saying…)

    • I divorced before my first daughter left for college. With text books and other “unknown” expenses popping up, both daughters needed to have something for emergencies and their dad didn’t want them to have a card. Fortunately, it’s Amex so the balance must be paid in full each month so it’s not something that is growing debtwise. Have you chosen where you are going to college? Don’t dread anything – especially kids – the pros are way more wonderful and numerous than the cons 🙂

  5. I’m sorry to hear that.
    I know I am eventually going to get one, I just have to man up and do it some time =]
    I have actually chosen where I’m going, although I’m still waiting to hear back officially (I had to defer my acceptance until fall 2010) but hopefully it will be Roanoke College =] I’m really excited.
    Haha, I’m sure the future kids will all be fine.. you hear the horror stories and you shake in your boots sometimes you know? =]

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