PMS + Entitlement/Not Amused

Can you spank your children if they are 21 and 22?  And they are taller and stronger?  I may give it a try, anyway.

Oldest just called from the airport.  She is clearly pissed about something.  I think it’s because I’m not at the airport picking her up.  Hello, when I need to go to the airport, I drive, unless someone volunteers to take me.  It’s also a problem (?) because I picked up her car at the inspection place while she was gone.  Her car is here.  So now she has to take a cab from the airport AND pick up her car.  I don’t put up with this sort of bs, so I asked her what her problem was?  She said I ask too many questions and she’s exhausted.  Really?

Youngest is out with her dad, then out for the evening. She also says I ask too many questions.  She walked Cooper for me today.  I’m overwhelmingly grateful. She’s kind but she doesn’t like all the bread baking that is going on around here.  It’s too tempting.  Maybe it would take on a certain je nais se quoi if she knew that all the baking is providing her monthly allowance. Oy. I wonder what the Episcopal version of “Oy” is?  I think it’s a fifth of something, down the hatch.  Sounds good to me.

It has to be mutual PMS week. Too bad, so sad. I think I’ll spank them, just for the hell of it.  If I can catch them …..

3 thoughts on “PMS + Entitlement/Not Amused

  1. When I was 16, kids scared the hell out of me, so I decided against children 😀
    I dont regret it when I look at todays spoiled little demons and devil-monsters.

  2. I added you, I am way over the top, but I am desperate to save my country. Please forgive my rudeness toward everything.
    You ARE a hero. All mothers should be given the purple heart for their battle against kids. lol

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