Dancing(?) With Stars?

Big show last night.  Watched every minute of it despite multiple text messages to change over to the Discovery Channel.  No way!  My thoughts:

  • Note to Hair and Makeup People:  Kate’s extensions are heinous, you could have done better with sportscaster girl, and while I thought it impossible to overshadow Pam Anderson’s chesticles, you did with a 100-pound hair style – did you all come straight from your first day at Beauty School?
  • Chad 8-5 is smooth and awesome!  This guy can dance – and trash talk – all he wants.
  • Note to Costume Designers:  you did Kate and Shannen no favors – that is mean.  And Pam looked like a stripper but I guess if the shoe fits….
  • Pussycat girl can dance and looked beautiful.  Pam, despite her comment that she couldn’t dance, sure could but where did she learn how to dance like that?  Hmmmmm.
  • What was up with Niecy’s facial expressions when the judges were talking to her?  Does she have epilepsy?
  • Props to Buzz Aldrin for looking like a million dollars at 80.  I want to look like that at 80 – not like him – but that good.  When his wife was talking about him, all that moved were her lips.  Reminded me of the “Johnny Quest” cartoon show where only the character’s lips moved.  Odd.
  • The judges were stupid mean to “All My Children” guy.
  • Kate seemed nice but don’t give her moves where she has to lift her leg because she can’t.  Mean.
  • Did you see all the sour faces (oops) when “All My Children” guy got back with the dancing group?
  • Just when you think things couldn’t get more lame, it happens.  Jake … with a rose… are you kidding me? And just as I predicted, he had his “brooding” moment with sad music. Vomitrocious!  And he dropped his poor partner.  Actually, this whole exercise is good for him because he is NOT the center of attention, he is not even a standout, and I predict a whole bunch more brooding moments for him in this gig.  He is a total goose.  Don’t even get me started on Vienna.  I’m beginning to feel sorry for her. Agrhhhhhhhhh.
  • This show is crazy – everyone is trying to be the star.  Tom wants to be a standup comedian, I don’t even want to think what Bruno wants, Len needs some happy pills and two spoonfuls of Geritol, and poor Carrie Ann has to sit there.  Also would bet the farm ABC is pushing Pam to act like a stoned sex kitten for ratings.  

Enough!  Whatever!

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