My Mom Rang The Bell Today!

You probably don’t know what I am talking about; I hope you don’t.  But it is a Red Letter Day in my family.  My mom rang the bell!  She was diagnosed with breast cancer at Thanksgiving, had surgery in December, and started radiation treatment in January.  She is a patient at M.D. Anderson.  When you finish chemo or radiation treatment, and you are finally free to walk about the plane, you ring the bell near the front desk of the treatment area.  Everyone waiting there celebrates.  She was surrounded by her new friends – people getting treatment from all over the world.  They have been together every day for six weeks.  Her cancer – and treatment – has been an amazing, life-changing experience for her, in the best way.  And she has never been more beautiful.  My mom rang the bell today!  God is so good.

7 thoughts on “My Mom Rang The Bell Today!

  1. It is true…she has never been more beautiful and along with beauty, she has a shiny new respect for life and all the good that surrounds her. She will no longer sweat the small stuff! She is a SURVIVOR! And yes, God is GOOD!

  2. What a beautiful visual…everyone celebrating and joyful for her…sounds like heaven. Yes, God is the best to turn illness into miracles.So happy for your mom and you and your family.

  3. all the best for your mom and your entire family.

  4. I agree, what a beautiful visual! Congratulations to you, your mom and your family. What a joyous day for everyone.

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