Spring Cleaning My Life

Even though the temperature around here wanders between 80-degrees and 32-degrees, I’m going to go ahead and declare it Spring.  In doing so, it’s also time for me to do some serious spring cleaning – emotionally, mentally, and physically.  Before I begin, a list is necessary ….

  1. No more clutter … clean out the closets, the drawers, lose the paper piles, donate/sell everything I don’t need.
  2. No more wishy-washy people.  Time is precious.  Do not spend time with wishy-washy because that is a complete waste of time.  Simple.  Keep it simple.
  3. Balance.  Find balance.
  4. Don’t accept the unacceptable.  Don’t put up with bad behavior.  Don’t have to.  Not gonna do it.
  5. Scrub the dirt and grime right out of my home, my mind, my heart.
  6. Remove posts from this blog that are no longer applicable.

Looks like I’ve already started. One down, five to go.


6 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning My Life

  1. I have all that and a list of my own.
    *lights a cig*

  2. #1 on your list sooooo sounds like me! I’ve been working on getting rid of clutter for…..hmmm…most of my life I think. But this year I”m getting serious about it! It will be reduced greatly! *nods*

  3. I need a reminder for #4 every once in awhile. Good post!

  4. Thanks! Am the Queen of Third-, Fourth-, and Fifth-Chances – excuse me, was!

  5. been there, done that….most of my honey-do’s on your list are on my, ‘cept there’s no honey to keep me on track. I have taken the philosphy of “small and slow”. In a nutshell, I’m trying to keep things simple and not let Life get too hectic.
    Best of lucky staying on track.

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