Oddly Shaped Head Day?

It’s not on my calendar. But it must be Oddly Shaped Head Day.  Maybe I’ve stroked out and my vision is impaired.  I do know one thing …. I’ve seen the oddest head shapes today.  Not kidding, and maybe mine’s odd as well, but have noticed an abundance of strange headed people.  None of these people were disabled in any way or I wouldn’t mention it.  Saw a llama man, three big-haired women with heads the size of grapes, and one man whose profile was a comma.  I swear. Checking into rest home ….


2 thoughts on “Oddly Shaped Head Day?

  1. I literally just laughed out loud. Comma profile… Hilarious!

    • Really, it’s true. Would have taken some pictures but that would be rude. “Hello, could I get a snapshot of your head because it’s SO WEIRD”. Methinks NOT!

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