Lookin’ for Love…Horn?

Random day, random thoughts ….

  • Peeps.  I LOVE Peeps, those cute little marshmallow chicks.  We don’t eat them.  We just like to look at them.  I got College Girl and Miss Peach turquoise Peeps for Easter.  When Miss Peach graduated from college, I gave her a framed photograph I’d gotten on 20×200.  It is beautiful – it’s big old tree with every color of marshmallow Peep available perched in all the branches.  It is her favorite item in her house.  We are messed up.  But happy.
  • Am so discouraged by “Dancing with the Stars”.  Have got to get a Monday night life so I won’t watch it.  To allow Woman Who Dances With Wooden Legs and Botox Buzz to stay is ….. so screwed.
  • Got a sweet email this morning.  It was in my junk mail at work and was addressed to me.  It was so enthusiastic.  The title was, “How To Heat Up Your Love Horn!” Wow.  Never heard it called that.  I checked myself, ever so discreetly, but no love horn.  Cooper is neutered so his love horn doesn’t work. And I don’t know anyone who has a love horn who would like to have heat applied to it.  DELETE.  STOP SENDING ME THIS SHIT!  Thank you very much.


3 thoughts on “Lookin’ for Love…Horn?

  1. I know a lot of Love Horns that need to go to the shop and get fixed!

  2. My son had me vote for Buzz last week, course he also watches Desperate Housewives with me (my son, not Buzz).

  3. Take a look on National Geographic Traveler’s web site. They have a peep site. People have taken their peeps all over the world and take a photo with the peep in the shot.
    Here’s a peep trick…stick a peep in the microwave for a minute. It blows up twice its size and comes out a bit crunchy. good stuff.

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