Sweet Saturday

Whew.  Have been baking my brains out since … 7 am?  That is a good thing.  Am trying to fill the freezer.  After baking 9 hours one night and 7 hours another, I finally figured out that I need freezer inventory.  Always unintentionally take the long route when figuring things out.  Freezer now stuffed with sourdough, orange rolls, cinnamon rolls, and yeast rolls.  Woo Hoo!  My house smells like a sweet shop.  My bed is looking really good right about now.  Happy Easter!

One thought on “Sweet Saturday

  1. I can savor the flavor in my imagination….. Umm, umm good!….. I also love to bake bread, but no longer get into the fancy stuff like you do….. I grind wheat for a real whole wheat flour and make four loaves at a time for our own consumption….. Since our sons have long since flown the coop, I don’t need to bake as often, but still really enjoy it.

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