Stupid Headline Day

It’s obviously Stupid Headline Day with the gang.  “Will We Have Our Bodies In Heaven?”.  Are they reaching or what?  Excuse me, but how in the hell would anyone know the answer to that question?  Unless they’ve been to Heaven.  Which means they are dead.  And they aren’t talking except to people like Jennifer Love Hewitt.  And the mentally ill. REALLY! That’s as dumb as a real Q&A I experienced. Was overserved at a party – once – and lost my purse.  Instead of looking for it like a normal person, I started crying (see overserved).  My date walked up to me and asked me what was wrong. “I’ve lost my purse”.  And he said, “Where did you lose it?”  And I said, “If I knew the answer to that question, it wouldn’t be lost, would it?”  Found the purse, dumped the date, and lived happily ever after …. until I saw that stupid headline today.

(thought I posted this on 3/30- whoops!)

2 thoughts on “Stupid Headline Day

  1. izziedarling,

    “Will We Have Our Bodies In Heaven?”…. Let’s face it…..;) People would like to know and the answer is in the Bible in a number of places….. There is a whole section on this subject in 1 Corinthians 15:35-58….. The gist of all that ends up saying, “Of course, silly!”

    Paul explains that sure the body we have here on earth dies — and rots….. But, it is like a seed that is planted…… When the seed is planted in the ground, it dies before it sprouts up into something that looks absolutely nothing like that seed….. It grows into something glorious….. So, when we die, we are a perishable body, but when Christ raises us we have a spiritual body that is glorious.

    Before we can obtain that glorious body in heaven, we have to live by faith here on this earth and face all sorts of trials to prove our faith and strengthen our faith….. Paul was not mentally ill when he explained that because there are a number of verses that refer to our life in heaven….. Jesus spoke some of them and He ought to know what He is talking about because He is God come down to this earth to suffer and die to pay for our sins.

    Thinking about Jesus’ glorious body — we can read John 20:19-31, where it talks about how the resurrected Jesus appeared to the disciples in a room where all the doors were locked tight, for fear of the Jews….. Jesus was able to just appear and the disciples were able to touch Him to know for sure He was real.

    Our puny minds have a hard time wrapping around that, and we won’t know everything until we get to heaven ourselves….. But, that’s faith — believing what God says about our future based on all the fulfilled prophecies made over thousands of years….. It’s an adventure where God helps us to grow as He helps us face our trials and shows us the way as we study His word.

    So glad you found your purse….. Finding out about our bodies in heaven is kinda interesting, too….. But, with all that it’s probably of much greater value to find out that not everyone gets to heaven….. And, there’s no sense in crying about that either….. We just need to find out how to get this free gift….. Once we find out what God expects from us gift-getters, we need to tend to business.

    God tends to us like a good baker tends to baking.


  2. haha, “instead of looking for it, like a normal person”. That’s so true too, then somebody inevitably comes up and says, “where were you last?” oye…
    funny stuff!

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