Holy Moly: Stand Up & A Wee Misadventure

When I think of Easter Sunday, I think of church, quiet thoughts, family.  Yesterday was crazy Easter Sunday.  Kooksville.

  • My parents had everyone to their house for Easter lunch.  I went with my daughters, Miss Peach and College Girl.  They are popular with menfolk.  Somehow, it came up that Miss Peach recently walked into a club and there were four – yes, 4 – of her ex-boyfriends.  Her grandmother called her a “man-eater”.  This sent Peach into one of her spur-of-the-moment comedy routines, which was, of course, totally inappropriate for such a holy day. Because we are the modern-day version of the Addams Family, we screamed and laughed until we cried. God has finely tuned sense of humor ….  I hope!  We, and I speak for my entire family, are not right.
  • Went to dinner with besties Walden and Wack.  Mex food fun on Easter?  You bet.  Wack told an absolutely true story which made us all laugh so hard we cried again.  It’s not PC but it’s true, somebody’s friend’s friend.  It involves a mom and her high-functioning but mentally challenged adult son.  He lives in an apartment a block away from her.  She calls him every day to check in with him and hear about his day. Several weeks ago, she called him for the daily update. “What did you do today, honey?” He responded with the laundry list of his day.  “I ate breakfast, went to my job, rode the bus home, captured a dwarf, worked in the garden, and watched TV.” She talked with him a bit longer and then they hung up.  She was going over the conversation in her mind … breakfast, job, bus, captured a dwarf? Mom immediately got in her car and drove to his apartment.  When he opened the door, she said, “Son, what was that about a dwarf?”  He said, “Yes, I captured a dwarf”.  She heard a bunch of hooting and hollering coming from his  coat closet. Mom immediately unlocked it, and there stood a very irritated, hot, scared dwarf.  The little man had been going door-to-door spreading the Gospel.  When he got to Son’s door, son thought “dwarf” and “capture”, picked up the wee fellow and threw him in the coat closet.  By the time the Mom got there, he’d been incarcerated for six hours.  He shot out of that apartment like a bullet.  You can’t make this stuff up.

Not your typical Easter Sunday, but one full of really hard laughter.  Can’t beat that in my crazy book.

4 thoughts on “Holy Moly: Stand Up & A Wee Misadventure

  1. Thanks for the hearty guffaw! From one Addamses to another, Thanks!

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!! TOOO GOOD!!!!! LOVE THAT WACKY WACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Wack is Crazy Nuts but this is true!

  4. Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog!

    That story about the dwarf capture is hilarious. I’m going to steal it and tell it at parties. 🙂

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