Mental Indigestion

I do not “process” personal information quickly.  Personal would mean anything that applies to me. 

I am a total travel chameleon; when I travel, I am totally present wherever I am. Don’t call home, don’t think about home –  isn’t that  a good reason to take trips in the first place?  I wish I could process everything else so completely, so quickly, but, alas …. I am very challenged.

In a perfect world, whatever change is coming would be presented to me, I would have time to process it, think about what it means, what is involved, is it good or bad, and decide how I want to proceed.  Not happening.  Never has.  Just listen and respond.  Then walk around for hours, shaking my head and thinking, “What?”

Presented with another change this morning, I nodded in acceptance.  Because I have to and want to.  But I was also reminded what a very precarious a situation I am in. That didn’t hit me until I had a few hours to digest it. And I’ve got a rumbling case of mental indigestion. My ability to turn on a dime is not as fast as it used to be.  Aghhhhhhhhhhhh!

Later.  After I process a bit more. Or not.

One thought on “Mental Indigestion

  1. I don’t process personal info quickly either. The next day I’m always like, “Wait….”

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