Give Yourself CPR & Find Money!

No, if you give yourself CPR, you will not find money. 

But you may stay alive long enough to find money. 

Found both topics on the internet this week – one email (Self CPR) and one on   Both are for real.

First, the CPR.  The situation presented was one in which you are having the symptoms of a heart attack and you are in the car alone.  The instructions did not say “Pull over to side of road” which is so duh but in the interest of saving your own life, if you experience symptoms while alone in your car, pull over to side of road. If you are in the house, pull over to side of wall. Just PULL OVER. Then you are supposed to inhale as deeply as possibly, then cough/exhale as hard as possible.  Repeat as you attempt to dial 911 because you are alone. Inhaling puts oxygen in and the coughing out stimulates the heart muscle to get back in line. Repeat until emergency services arrive. I thought this made sense.

Now that you have saved yourself, it’s time to find some money to pay for the medical bills.  Apparently every state treasury is brimming with unclaimed cash. Visit your state’s comptroller’s Unclaimed Property website.  I did it on a lark and found I had $160 check from the LA Times Syndicate from 2003.  Filled out the claim form, it is being processed, and I’ll get my cash … someday.  It’s worth a try.

That’s all, folks!

2 thoughts on “Give Yourself CPR & Find Money!

  1. Too funny–good luck with the money thing.

  2. Why bother with medical bills? When you’re done with the CPR you just walk it off.

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