College Daze:Bring $$$$$$

I already have one degree.  But it’s back to college  for 24 hours tomorrow.  More studies necessary for life degree.

College Girl is in a sorority and it’s “Mom’s Weekend”.  She is in same sorority I was at the same college.  When I was there, we didn’t have anything but “Parent’s Weekend” but since then they’ve added more activities.  It’s a total win-win deal for the girls and the moms get to experience a little nostalgia while visiting their babies on what my dad calls “the four-year vacation”.

This year will be a bit different in that Poob is going with me.  She is godmother to College Girl and they are thisclose.  I’m thrilled to have her company, as is CG.  We’ll head to the sorority house to scoop up my child.  Will have to go see my old room which will be met by a smile and about 12 yawns.

 The first planned event is a mixer at a cool store.  Cool clothes fit cool girls, not cool mamas. Cha-ching!  We go rogue after that, dispensing with anything near mandatory.  We will head off to an awesome restaurant. Cha-ching!  And then make the rounds of an array of bars. Cha-ching!  This is the time I usually do a disappearing act having spent too many nights sitting next to my best friend, the toilet, after an evening of mind-altering beverages.  But I’m going to put on my rally cap tomorrow night and try to make it until 11-ish.  The kids usually don’t even go out until then, so I will not be missed. Poob may want to trip the light fantastic and hang with the gang, which is ok, too. College Girl would be delighted!

Will head back to the hotel. Cha-ching. Fall into a bed that I will not like. (Have a Princess and the Pea attitude about beds).  Saturday, we’re off to coffee, brunch somewhere, and hopefully a sighting of Austin Ann. After a torrent of hugs and kisses, we’ll hit the road to return home.  And I can’t forget to bring my daughter a check.  For spring break uh-oh’s.  I thought that was last month? Cha-ching!

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my daughter and am thrilled to go there and see her.  It will be great fun. And all the banging bucks that will be dispersed are of no matter when you get to spend time with your adult child in a great place. 

In the meantime, Miss Peach has been requested to stay at my house and take care of Cooper.  She wants to do this about as much as she wants to have a root canal and wear orthopedic shoes.  “I’m going out!”. “Can’t I just come over and feed him?”. NO.  My 24 hour vaca will apparently make a deep cut in her social life Friday night.  I volunteered to pay her a small stipend. Cha-ching.  That got her attention; she agreed to take the job.

If all goes well, Saturday afternoon I will have had a great time with CG at college, Cooper will be content with Miss Peach, and my bank account will be wiped out.  Oh well …. a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do, no matter how old the girl is!

6 thoughts on “College Daze:Bring $$$$$$

  1. more college type studies? ewwwww

  2. OUCH! sounds like an expensive weekend trip down memory lane. Doesn’t the “girl” have work study to pay for her own clothes?
    I like what you write here…I’ll be back

    • Yes, she has worked – and continues to work – as a nanny for a family there when she’s not in class. Both daughters have had jobs since they were 14. No work is not an option! Thank you for your great comments!:)

  3. Wow your writing doesn’t give away your mom status..until I read this piece!!

  4. Great thing!!!! 🙂

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