Woo Hoo Weekend

Why I’m up at 6 am drinking coffee is beyond me.  What a weekend.  What a wonderful weekend.  Am glad I saw my boss last night so she will know why I can’t go to work tomorrow. Ha!

Did the 24-hour zip trip to Austin with Poob.  College Girl was delighted and delightful.  Her friends – and their moms – are darling and we had a big time that did not involve multiple hours of pub crawling.  Had my first stay in a hotel there in six years; always stay with Austin Ann.  Boy, am I behind the times.  There were dogs all over the place – four-legged kind.  I didn’t know you can bring your dog to your hotel. Mais oui!

Austin is still Austin.  Weird and wonderful.  It’s the sort of place where you see the oddest of people on every street corner and no one does a double take.  T-shirts and bumper stickers proclaim, “Keep Austin Weird”.  Whoever is in charge of that motion is doing a splendid job.  When passed on the street by a man taking his morning walk, and his attire is simply a red thong and sandals, well … that’s Austin. Wearing your pajamas any and everywhere isn’t unusual, either.  I LOVE that place. Our hotel was full of bikers, runners, and band members.  Could have had some really good stories had we stayed longer, but before we knew it, we were home again.

Crawled into my house about 1 pm.  Got a phone call from Miss Peach, who stayed at my house the night before to take care of Cooper.  She was in her bed at her apartment and wanted to place an order for chili cheese fries.  I explained I was not running a drive-through so the answer would be, “Are you nuts?” and “Thank you for babysitting.”  Buh bye. So wanted to crawl in my body mitten but that was not to be. Downloaded a pot of coffee, and Scotch-taped my eyelids open in order to stay awake for the next event.  And oh, what a happening that was.

Around 6 pm, drug my self upstairs to get ready for a very special celebration.  Threw on some jeans and a top I’d fished out of my god-daughter’s Goodwill bag, slapped some lipstick on. Ready!  KK, my partner in crime for the evening, called to ask about the attire.  When she picked me up, she said, “You frigging w&*%e, you look Parisian”. We can talk like that to each other.  And the only thing Parisian about me last night is that I looked like I’d crawled out of the sewers.  But it wasn’t about me a minute.

We went to a 21st birthday party for a great guy.  His parents, our friends, threw him a bash to end all bashes.  It was also his graduation party.  He is a special special needs person and his entire class was there. Not to mention a throng of friends and neighbors, a huge turnout.  His favorite band in the world is Nelo, so they were hired to play; Nelo is great, no I mean GREAT, and party boy was deliriously happy.  He accompanied the band, playing the air guitar in a most professional manner.  Everyone danced themselves silly, including moi.  The thing about this party that made it different from almost any party I’ve ever been to is that everyone was smiling and happy.  Many, many old friends and lots of kissing and hugging all around. It was a truly happy place where everyone was celebrating this wonderful young man. Grandparents, babies, teens, teachers, parents, and friends – happy, happy.

Got to see my dear friend, T, who almost died two months ago and she looks like a billion bucks.  Had a brief convo with the first “Undercover Boss”, another great guy.  He said he was really unsure how that show thing would go; I was glad I had the chance to tell him it was wonderful and I watch it every week.  It is good, turn it on tonight. Walden and Wack deposited me at my door close to 11 and I still had a smile on my face. 

Win-win weekend.  Love when that happens.

 Woo Hoo! Now back to bed. 🙂

8 thoughts on “Woo Hoo Weekend

  1. aww that does sound like a great party 🙂

    man i hate it when i get up so early on the weekends when i dont need to and wake up really late on weekdays when im supposed to be at work hahaha

  2. LOVE your blog — and I feel honored to be able to travel to Austin, party in Houston with you via your vivid descriptions. Where next?
    :)p.s. the rolls were divine.

  3. thanks for your sweet comment! love this post about austin – have friends who went recently and raved about it…would love to go sometime!

  4. What a weekend you had! I’m just stopping by to say hello and thanks for leaving a comment on my blog.

  5. this post is the reason why I return to read your stuff. You sounded vital, alive and having the time of your live – it was wonderful, despite the lack of sleep and energy. Too bad you’re not closer. I’d hang with you in a heartbeat. I’ll take the next best thing, though.

  6. Thank you so much!:)

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