About a year ago, my priest told a story to the congregation. 

There was a boy who grew up in a very poor family.  The circus was coming to his town.  His dad managed to scrounge up a quarter for his son to go to the circus.  The boy was over the moon with excitement.  He got up bright and early the day the circus was scheduled to move in and begin.  He joined the crowds lining the road into town, welcoming the elephants, bears, trapeze artists, ring master.  It was all so thrilling!  The clown was the very last performer to pass the boy.  He walked right up to that clown and handed him his quarter.  The boy didn’t realize the parade was free; he’d given up his money and never made it to the circus.  Obviously, the moral of the story is “don’t settle for the parade when you could go to the circus”.  


If you want to go to the circus, you must be open-minded. Unwilling to pitch a ten at the first stop on your journey. Trust me, I know, I’ve been to too many parades in this life.  Parades are safe.  Most people like safe.   My mind had a “closed” sign on it for a good part of my life. And I’ve missed so much, standing on the sidelines next to my safe little tent.

These days, I may or may not go to the parade. But you can be sure I’ll go to any and every circus I can find.  Even if waiting wreaks havoc on my patience and my knickers are in a perpetual twist.

Why order a cup of broth when you could have chicken-fried steak and mashed potatoes? Settling is a passive verb.  And not an option.  For me.


One thought on “Settling: NOT AN OPTION

  1. excellent challenge!

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