Bad Mood Betty Day

It’s Bad Mood Betty Day at my house.  For no reason I can express.  Quirky.  I’m a minefield in that category.

  • Won’t wear white pants.  They make me nervous.  Don’t mind if other people wear them. Just not me.
  • Good sheets.  Good pillows.  No exceptions.
  • Hate Scotch, Love Scotland. Maybe I’ll move.
  • Prefer face time, texting, and emails to talking on the phone. 
  • Won’t eat any chicken skin, turkey skin, any skin. Gag.
  • Two cooking smells that make me want to hurl: scrambled eggs and ground beef.
  • Like to eat later in the day; never breakfast unless by force.
  • Dangly earrings and bracelets – bring them on; necklaces, not so much.
  • Love the people I love because they are not perfect.  I’m not, either.
  • Love good surprises and miracles. They are few and far between today!
  • Try to avoid disrespectful people.  If I can’t, I give them my laser eye which is way worse than stink eye.
  • Will eat it occasionally, but really don’t like ice cream.
  • Prefer raw vegetables to cooked ones.
  • Don’t like to be clumped in any group I didn’t sign up for. Don’t like clumps, period.
  • Don’t even think about unleashing the dirty side of your storm on me.

Oy.  Enough whining.  Have made myself ill. Maybe I should watch “Glee” tonight.

Will be back when I have a better attitude. In a year or so.


5 thoughts on “Bad Mood Betty Day

  1. Love it! Watch “Glee” – it’ll help. Love your last line too!

  2. I really like your sense of humor! I feel like I’m looking into my own journal entry, here, especially about white pants making you nervous. Only they make me nervous on other people, too. A good sign they are probably, well, fishy people.

    And Glee made my day better…

    • Thank you! I fell asleep during Glee, damn it. But I’m glad it made your day better! Glad to know someone else shares my fear of white pants:)

      • I’m not quite sure how one falls asleep during a drama-encrusted episode of Glee, but maybe being tired has something to do with it. I must say, the Madonna episode left me reeling once again. Do you ever find yourself hating what you love? I do. All the freaking time.

        White pants are right up there with sequins, for me. I’m pretty certain sequins only exist to confound and petrify.

      • Yes, exhausted! Ah – forgot about sequins – just an awful invention, aren’t they! Cheers!

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