Yee Haaaaaaa

My Life in Fabric: Week II - lovely colors with curves and loops; Pindler&Pindler: Marrakech

Another really good weekend … LOVE when that happens.  Really.  You cannot know how much I appreciate good weekends.  And, I’ll take a good week whenever available as well.  Who wouldn’t?
  • Paid the bills.  Not usually considered even a pleasant activity, but these days, just having the ability to do so makes me really happy.
  • Baked exquisite Swedish Visiting Cake (see Almond Ecstasy post).  Ate almost entire cake in one day.  Headed to Dress Barn and/or Omar the Tentmaker for something to wear to work tomorrow. So worth it.

Sweet, sweet, sweet ... love flowers and someone sweet knows it!

  •  Went to see “Date Night” on Date Night.  Laughed and laughed. Then headed off to eat my weight in crawfish.  See Omar the Tentmaker ASAP.
  • Signed yet another neighborhood petition.  I live on Renegade Row in my townhouse community; a number of us will sign any petition that has the potential to ruffle the feathers of our maintenance company.  Instead of maintaining our homes and security, the company focuses on the important things … like harassing the homeowners who pay for maintenance which is practically non-existant.  This particular petition was circulated by a homeowner who likes to put festive inflatable things in her yard … Easter bunny, Santa, that kind of stuff.  She’s received a nasty letter claiming her two-story pink bunny was offensive and NOT appropriate for our area.  Sheesh, it’s not like she’s landscaping with blow up sex dolls.  When presented with a huge petition supporting her inflations at upcoming board meeting, perhaps said company will get a clue about what it was hired to do and maybe, oh, I don’t know, fix some roofs, throw a little paint here and there, hammer some stuff. Rebellion is empowering!
  • Am well aware I take crooked, not so great photos posted here, but just the fact that I can do it is huge to me.
  • Had a great little emailarama with Lady Di, citizen of the world and Martha’s Vineyard.  We are going to hit Breadmaking 101 full force at MV in June. Can’t wait.
  • Miss Peach paid for her upcoming European tour.  She has worked her ass off to do this.  Proud moment.  College Girl may have snagged an internship at a music management company for the summer.  Yes!
  • And last, but certainly not least, Cowgirl has put yet another MS 150 behind her.  Woo Hoo.

ENOUGH about me, how about you?

Happy week.


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