Happy Talk, Updated

Happy talk.  Happy things. Austin Ann blew into town yesterday and we’ve gotten two visits in so far.  I told her that when my brain won’t turn off, I head to the kitchen.  To bake.  She graciously stocked up with lots of my goodies.  Her parting words were, “Your soul is in your writing, but your heart is in the kitchen”. When I feel less than festive, I head to the kitchen, not to eat, but to create.  That makes me happy.  Fortunately, baking isn’t the only thing.  Some others are:

  • The peony.  My very favorite flower.  I read somewhere peonies only bloom for seven weeks of the year.  Must go to flower shop for a fix – it’s that time. I mean, really – so gorgeous.
  • Trying to do the right thing, regardless of outcome. Resolution.  Yee Haa.
  • The blogs I read.  I swear, it makes me feel fabulous to read the thoughts of so many good, talented, intelligent,  compassionate, hysterical humans in this crazy world.  Lucky me!
  • Texting friends using those idiotic emoticons – sorry, they ARE funny.  Wish they could be used with all cells instead of just iPhone.
  • Any diversion – started “The Postmistress” last night and already feel like it’s going to be a humdinger.  Am just about 11 pages in and already despise one of the characters. Really, she’s such a misinformed priss I want to reach through the pages and snatch her bald-headed.
  • Any and all things uncomplicated.
  • Not spending money on crap I used to throw big bucks at.  Can we hear a “Woo!”
  • Soft sheets, great pillows, and sleep.
  • Ginger – ale, beer, snaps, syrup, tea.
  • Dancing.  Country western, not so much.  Except once last summer, when I accompanied my friends to an outdoor honky-tonk in a little Texas town.  Trust me, I was Least Likely to Enjoy Myself which includes Least Likely to Dance.  As luck would have it, an elderly cowboy (oxymoron) came right over to the group and plucked me as his dance partner.  I believe he was flirting when he told me, “You are just as sweet as a peach.”  I am my mother’s daughter so I felt compelled to tell him he was sweet as well.  Whatever.
  • A full tank of gas, a full pantry, and a bank account with enough in it to pay the bills.
  • Friends, friends, and more friends.
  • Cooking for two.
  • Success at le job.
  • That first cup of coffee ….yum……..
  • The difference a day can make.
  • Chairs.  Am a chair freak.  Would have a house filled to the brim with funky chairs, but then I would be a hoarder and that would not make me happy.
  • Laughing loud and long. Hello Living Dilbert and Blogmella:).
  • Finding treasures.

Which reminds me, must go find some “treasures” to wear to work right this minute.  And head out.  Happy day and happy talk to you.


7 thoughts on “Happy Talk, Updated

  1. I used to hate emoticons. HATE. In the same way I still kind of hate “lol.” Now, however, I love emoticons – it’s an easy way to let people know I’m being a smartass. 🙂

  2. Have you ever seen the Sylvia Plath film? Ted and Sylvia go away to write and while he is out writing, she loses inspiration and starts baking. When he comes home there is a kitchen filled with cakes, muffins and breads. He looks around at it and says “how much writing did you get done today?”
    Now THERE is a woman that could have used your happy thought idea!

    • Read “The Bell Jar” eons ago and read about her as well. No happiness whatsoever! You’ve inspired me to mentally add “Be happy I’m not Slyvia plagued by horrid Ted”. Thank you for your comment. I wrote an article/interview about/with a local romance writer once. She was so interesting. It’s obvious what you do makes you happy. Rah!

  3. that’s so funny – I lock myself up in the kitchen when I need to de-stress and feel warm at heart (apparently I need it so much I’m setting up a company all to do with foods, ahem, lol) and writing seems to come from my soul…

    There are so many nice things in life…

  4. Oooh, your list is awesome (no, I don’t mean me but thanks, that was very kind of you)! I went all tearful at some of those things… I’m really emotional at the moment, I think the menopause is making me insane.

    You’re lovely btw, I appreciate the support about my kid and the encouragement with my blog. x

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