My Spot: Serendipity Vibe

Acrylic painting by PBailey


Wonderfully strange, but true:  I bought this painting about five years ago.  Love interior landscapes and this one just spoke to me.  No other connection whatsoever.  Flash forward three years.  I sold my house and moved into a townhouse.  Said townhouse was perfect for me, meaning I didn’t need to do a thing aesthetically to feel at home.  Funny how things work out.  My home has an uncanny resemblance to this painting; both are more colorful than image above.  Accidently on purpose? Nope, not at all.  After hanging this painting in my new home, almost everyone who enters always comments, “That painting looks just like this room!”  Not by design, but delighted nonetheless.    

Tea, anyone?

Maybe later!

5 thoughts on “My Spot: Serendipity Vibe

  1. It’s lovely! Very comfortable and yet understated elegance… You have good taste.

  2. I love that painting and I love interior paintings too as well as still lifes. One of my favorite still life painter is Gabriella Ibarra. Just something about the shapes and colors…good stuff!

  3. It is a lovely room, then!

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