Potluck: SO RANDOM

Because that’s the way I feel!  Read a blog the other day that declared using “lists” as a cheap blogging trick.  Then blogger proceeded to make huge list. Ha Ha! I love lists and as far as “cheap”, well, we are in a recession, aren’t we?

The doggie cupboard was bare yesterday; this predicament forced me to head to The Spoiled Rotten Pet Shop(my handle for it) to buy Cooper’s groceries. (When I plucked him from the rescue shelter, I was told to buy him the very best food I could afford. So I did and do. Cooper enjoys a steady and expensive diet of  Potato & Duck Formula, Nourriture Pour Chiens; as a result, I’m still trying to get used to the taste of Kibbles ‘n  Bits). But I digress.  The shop is not unlike the “Cheers” set where everyone knows your name. So as I’m checking out – trading a bag of gold for a bag of duck barf, I mentioned that Cooper has had an upset stomach lately (do NOT ask).  The Guy Who Knows Everything About Pets, Really asked me why?  “Because I think he’s been eating snails.” And he says, “Is he French?”  His storefront is now The Spoiled Rotten Pet & Snappy Retorts Boutique.

Uh Oh, I feel a list coming on – sorry, am drawn to the cheap and tawdry like a moth to the flame:

  • When I was younger, my favorite Popsicle flavor was banana. What happened to the Popsicle Man in his red and white truck?
  • Was a real estate agent once. There are crafty marketing devices in every industry.  When holding an open house, it helps to bake a pan of cookies just beforehand so the house smells “homey” when house hunters appear.  Also, the color orange supposedly translates to “affordable” so if you are selling your house, you want to put something orange near your front door. SOLD!
  • What gives with Ghost, Horse, and Dog Whisperers?  Why can’t these “professionals” use a library voice with the haints, horses, and hounds?  No need to answer as I really don’t care.

Latest reads

  • I like audio books for planes, trains, and automobiles.  Have John Adams and The Alchemist downloaded for trip to MV. Need a vacation so badly. Back on a reading binder … yesterday’s finds.  The bookstore is a dangerous place for me.  I cannot leave empty-handed.  Sometimes, I am giddy with my finds, other times, not so much.  Can’t imagine a world without books.
  • One one light goes out, another comes on.  My friend buried her mom. Another friend had a sweet baby girl.  The cycle of life … it really is what it is.
  • I have anxiety attacks.  Used to have them all the time.  Now I have them every once in a while, not so very often.  The best thing for me to do when one comes on is stay calm and DO NOT THINK.

Old and New: No Oiseau to be found; Rituelle perfect replacement

  • Was whining a few months ago about the disappearance of Oiseua, the best lip balm.  Found Rituelle on one of my rambles last weekend.  It is delicious.  And soothing.  And comforting.
  • Found a great retro gift for Miss Peach.  Her birthday festival begins tonight.  I believe the treat below will come in VERY HANDY.

Perfect for the morning after you are overserved!

  • Do you ever have those times when you need comfort?  It’s not about feeling needy or desperate or clingy or crazy.  When you need to be hugged and held and surrounded by love and familiarity and softness?  And sometimes, those lovely ingredients in the recipe of my life appear, and when they don’t … there are always ……




10 thoughts on “Potluck: SO RANDOM

  1. Lists aren’t a “cheap trick”, I’m absolutely certain that most bloggers could write well in other ways – but lots of people read blogs at work, or sitting in front of the TV. They don’t want to work as hard as they do when reading other things, they probably get interrupted lots, or have to dip in and out… So they want an easy way to remember where they got up to, for a start! Ignore the complainers and write the way you want to.

    Peonies are absolutely beautiful. When I was a child we had a pink peony plant and a dark red peony plant, in our front garden.

    • Oh Blogmella, I am a jealous wreck over your childhood peony plants … so beautiful! Went to a wedding a couple of years ago; when we walked in the front door of country club, entire wall was a plaque of pink peonies with the bride’s new initiatls in dark red peonies. The fragrance was divine. Am quite sure the cost could have kept a third world country in business for at least a year. As for lists,well, LISTS RULE for the exact reasons you state. Cheers, my friend!

  2. Actually, I PREFER when people blog with lists. MUCH easier to read, you (general you… not you in particular) tend not to ramble as much when you make lists, and lists make you look organized even when your thoughts aren’t. So keep listing, dear. LOL!

  3. Lists are good, some of the best bloggers use them.. yours was pretty random and pretty funny.

    I have a friend who’s into chakras, and the color orange is signifcant as the chakra associated with sexuality… she suggested I wear something orange near my crotch. Though she said it with more sophistication… I’m certainly not going to be advertising myself as ‘affordable’ in that venue! Heck no!!!!

  4. I LOVE banana flavored popsicles. Man, now I want one. 🙂

    And The Alchemist is a great book. I hope you get as much from it as I did.

  5. If you find any, tell me – I loved those things. Am looking forward to Alchemist. Just bought How to Hug a Porcupine in a last ditch effort to not drop kick someone out of my orbit 🙂

  6. Have enjoyed reading through your great blog! When I was younger, I used to love Banana Popsicles…an admission that I will deny to my grave if my wife and kids happened to read this…… Have a great day!

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