Barometer Head Filled With Glee

I’ve got a barometer head.  It does not have an odd shape, but whenever the weather changes just the slightest bit, I get a migraine. Yes, I can predict the weather in a most uncomfortable way.

 If a hint of oncoming torture appears during the day, I can usually ward it off with a strong cup of coffee and Excedrin Migraine.  But I woke up with a humdinger yesterday morning and it was already wreaking havoc on the right side of my head.  My migraines are always on the right side behind my eye and surrounding area. A “Phantom of the Opera” mask, complete with ice and heat, would take care of this headache in a jiffy.  Am happy to report that three ice packs, two rounds of heated eye pillows, coffee, Olba’s Natural Inhaler from Whole Foods, two generic over-the-counter migraine pills, two pain pills plus 24 hours and the migraine is gone!  Best Mother’s Day gift ever!  Along with the first season of “Glee” and the third season of “The Tudors“.

Am doing happy dance…in the rain.  Which will clear up in a few days.  Promise.


9 thoughts on “Barometer Head Filled With Glee

  1. Glad your migraine is gone! (and I love Glee!)

  2. You poor thing, my partner gets migraines and I know they are AGONY. 😦

  3. I so know the feeling! I get those, too. I’ve lived in Florida, S. Carolina, Texas, Ohio, Pennsylvania and now NJ and can honestly say north Texas was the most weather-migraine-friendly place for me (otherwise I hated the place). I’m glad yours went away for Mother’s Day. Happy belated!

  4. I have that same issue! People think I’m nuts when I say ice/heat helps – so glad the same helps for you. (Smells get me too – particularly patchouli oil.) Glad you’re feeling better and that you enjoyed Glee. Best show on TV right now. 🙂

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