Hazy Tuesday

It’s late afternoon.  The weather here is already terrarium-friendly – a brisk 91-degrees.  Just sitting here, thinking:

  • Vanilla beats chocolate in my world. Shocking, I know.  Not a fan of ice cream, either.  Am a legal alien.
  • Conversations with hyper people wear me out.  And I am hyper – but less so each day. Rah!
  • That Russell guy on “Survivor” is a repulsive, nasty, little roach.  If he’s the millionaire he claims to be, why doesn’t he buy himself some teeth?  Dude, make that appointment with a dentist. 
  • The color yellow is not flattering on most people.  
  • Can someone tell me why all the Honey Crisp apples disappeared?  Really, they were at all the grocery stores and then a few months ago, all apples of that variety were gone, baby, gone.  What is the deal here?
  • Am chomping at the bit to go on vacation – it cannot come too soon.  Haven’t boarded a dog in a couple of years. My, how things have changed.  If I so choose, Cooper could have his own suite with tv(?), spa services, and a specified number of  “cuddle times”.  Not gonna happen; I love him, but my dog is not going to have a better vacation than me. If you find this upsetting, you pay for it. Merci.
  • I remember having dinner at a restaurant one night and Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top was seated at the table across the way.  He placed this ginormous thing on the table, which was an early version of the cell phone; it resembled Frankenstein’s shoe.  Remember thinking to myself, “No one is that important”.  Still feel that way.  Am so over people working their Blackberrys/iPhones to the nub in the middle of dinner, meetings, driving, walking – everywhere.  SO RUDE.  Put down the damn phone and be present.
  • Current addictions:  1/2 Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper + 1/2 Coke straight up, Dermalogica products, fresh herbs (for cooking), good news, happy times, and GLEE.
  • Watermelon and mangoes are yummy right this minute.  Already forgot about the stupid apples.
  • Don’t believe the news about the guy who says he’s had nothing to eat or drink in 70 years.  He looks like hell, but I have to call BS on that claim.  Like it matters. Ha!

Have to dash.  My Very Exciting Life is calling.  Promise to focus soon … if possible.



12 thoughts on “Hazy Tuesday

  1. You don’t have to focus, Izzie…you are doing great. Points you made that I love a LOT – honey crisp apples…yep, they aren’t available this time of year and I LOVE them; I don’t even watch Survivor and you still made me laugh about Russell’s teeth – I may have to tune in.

    I love all your points and your musings. I get them and they make me smile. Thank you!

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  3. I’m a vanilla girl myself. Some people say vanilla is boring. I think, not so much, because it’s so much easier to add stuff to!

  4. I’m not a huge ice cream fan either. I don’t DISLIKE it. But I don’t crave it and can easily turn it down when it’s offered to me. I’d really prefer a beer. LOL!

  5. I look dreadful in yellow!

  6. I only really get excited by the kinds of ice cream with big chunks of things in them, and even then I just want to eat around the ice cream part. Especially if it’s vanilla flavor – it’s just pointless. Never realised it before… I don’t really care for ice cream either. I feel like a heathen.

  7. The phrase that absolutely got me “put down the damn phone and be present.” AMEN to that.. I’m addicted to my iPhone but I do know how to mute it and to put it aside when I’m with people.

    Love your little rambling, yet clear rant!!

  8. I love chocolate, but when it comes to ice cream, gimme vanilla.

    Let me know when you figure out the Honey Crisp apply mystery. I can’t find them either. =( I’ve been eating the Cameo apples.

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