Q&A Wednesday

Happy, happy, joy, joy.  Stumbled upon a group of random questions just begging for an answer.  This won’t be a recurring theme because I’m not that organized. Feel free to add, subtract, multiply and/or divide.  Just for today, then, sharing:

  1. I hate to go to the … gas station, grocery store, dentist, doctor.
  2. Bad distant relative names … Rube, Velmer, Sperry Dodd (that is his first name).
  3. Favorite sandwich … turkey breast and provolone on foccacia with one side mayo, the other, pesto.
  4. Relatives in jail … not to my knowledge.
  5. Favorite horror movie … am scared of my own shadow, no horror for me!
  6. Showers or baths … Showers!
  7. Bungee jump or sky dive … observe from safe spot with stiff drink in right hand.
  8. Have a weakness for … jalapeno potato chips, people who need help, soft sheets, tall men, happiness.
  9. Would rather starve than eat … green peas, animal interiors, scrambled eggs.
  10. First airplane trip … San Diego/La Jolla.
  11. Weirdest quirk … too many to list here.
  12. Football or baseball … definitely baseball.
  13. Blessed with … good posture and a metabolism that runs like an m.f.
  14. Pen or pencil … Uniball Vision Needle Pen, black.
  15. Favorite day … my birthday, duh!
  16. Favorite season … Fall.
  17. Worst punishment as teenager … was forced to de-head pounds of fresh shrimp in our front driveway; a true triple horror story:  shrimp were stinky, every cat in the neighborhood attacked, and faux friends drove by repeatedly laughing at the top of their lungs.  My offense:  getting caught with ciggies for the 100th time.
  18. Weirdest parental moment as teenager … after watching “Brian’s Song” on tv, I collapsed in a heap of tears at the foot of the stairs and sobbed my eyes out.  My mother took my teenage drama a bit too seriously.  She walked into the entry hall, looked down at my wet self and said, “Are you pregnant?”.  What?
  19. What bores you … boredom is a luxury, I don’t get bored.
  20. What do you miss most from childhood … good manners.
  21. Late, early, or right on time … if I am not early, I am dead.
  22. Would you give a homeless person CPR if they were dying … key word: person, I would hope so.
  23. Last thing you bought … food.
  24. How many tattoos do you have … that would be zero.
  25. First thing you think of when you wake up in the morning … why is my dog standing on my back?
  26. What is under your bed … none of your damn business, question generator – what’s under yours?
  27. Do you believe in love at first sight … no, lust at first sight, yes.
  28. If you won the lottery, when would you tell everyone … that would be never.
  29. Can you touch your nose with your tongue … no, see Gene Simmons.
  30. Can you close your eyes and raise your eyebrows … absolutely.
  31. Do you remember dreams … not often.
  32. Phrase you overused and were forced to retire … Bite Me.
  33. Glass half empty or half full … more than half full, dumbhead.
  34. What is your family like … we are all insane.
  35. Would you rather play basketball or hockey … neither, another round of stiff drinks, please.
  36. Do you play a musical instrument… yes, the radio.
  37. Ever compete in a beauty pageant … no, makeup makes me feel like I’ve been embalmed.
  38. Morning person or night owl … morning.
  39. Books that made you laugh out loud … The “Letters From a Nut” series and A.J. Jacob’s “The Know-It-All“.
  40. Most stupid magazine ever, in your humble opinion … Cosmo.
  41. Worst volunteer job ever … a tie:  Brownie troop leader + School Carnival Co-Chair. Rah!

Because I am a (see #38), this is now over.

Off to dress in Hunchback of Notre Dame costume (see #25), hobble to my bed, and go to sleep.


8 thoughts on “Q&A Wednesday

  1. Great post.. wonderful compilation of tidbits and trivia. I’m going to borrow this.

    Weirdest relative name: Elbert
    Book that makes me laugh: Janet Evanovitch’s Stephanie Plum series, the earlier ones

  2. Based on #’s 7, 19, 21, 35 and 34, I thought we were related for a minute. But, then I read #13.

    • Did I mention that the good posture is a result of wearing orthopedic shoes (never a good look, especially when they are high-heeled saddle oxfords) until I was 13 + 14 years of ballet to correct position of feet? Relativity still possibility!

  3. Izzie..you are so incredibly witty. I adore you! Your posts always make me smile. I loved this one.

  4. You and me both on #7. Never, ever!

  5. I’ll have a gin & tonic, two limes – how about you?

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