A Quickie and Two Hummers

Get your mind out of the gutter, not that kind … a quickie post and two of those ridiculous vehicles! So … 

  • Am baking my ass off – not complaining … sighing heavily, but not complaining.
  • Ok, here’s my read on the reality tv finales:  Pussycat Doll should win Dancing With Stars, hands down.  The skater dude is good, but he’s already won a gold medal at Olympics. Spread the love, judges.  That woman can dance.  American Idol – I think Lee and Crystal should tie – a first for the show – why do you think they did that duet?  If that doesn’t happen, and one wins over the other, it will have no effect on my world as I know it. 
  • Big news on MSN.com:  “Last Two Hummers Roll Off the Line”  – if I was not so damn tired, I would make this R-rated; all I have to say about it is … ho-hum, who gives, not me!
  • A nice woman came to measure my windows this afternoon.  The windows are enormous and located on the second floor.  Where there is no landing.  I was up to my eyeballs in dough, literally.  Cooper was doing his best rabid dog imitation, and her tape measure was … bendy.  Bendy?  What?  The windows are 8 feet tall and you brought a bendy tape measure?  As my rolls go flat, I have to dig around the house, flinging dough hither and yon, to find a NORMAL tape measure.  I paid $50 to have my windows measured.  I think I need a refund.  On further thought, I think I need a drink.  Make that a double.  Gin and tonic, two limes, please and make it snappy.

Later. Maybe.

11 thoughts on “A Quickie and Two Hummers

  1. If I had given one of my posts that title that you used….my wife would have kicked me across the room before ever reading a single word…. 🙂

  2. Well that just proves we’re not twins. Tonic? But true to form, we’re on a parallel wavelength just the same: I’ve got a little self-medicating-elixir in hand myself. Hey, we won’t be fighting over the mixers, right?


  3. Gin and Tonic was my dad’s drink and then I’m feeling so inclined that is what I get with a lime. 🙂 I agree great title!

  4. when I meant 😛

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