Save The Drama For Your Mama

Holiday weekend, woo hoo!  Am at home, acting responsible (heavy emphasis on acting). Stayed in town to commune with my people, my tribe, my daughters.  <repeatedly banging head against nearest wall>

Missy #1:  She just finished her first year of teaching. She is leaving for a month.  In four days. I told her I’d be here this weekend to help her gather her gear for Europe.  Alas, she was headed out of town for a three-day party.  Which leaves her exactly 45 minutes to pack for a month in Europe and board the plane. No worries.  Note to Missy#1:  I have your passport.  You are going exactly nowhere for a month if you don’t play fetch at my house. HA!  But the joke is on me because there will be drama.

Missy#2:  God willing, she will blow through my door any time now.  She will have low blood sugar, open the refrigerator, scowl at the lack of all things vegetarian.  I shall ply her with a tub of tofu, which will then allow her to speak.  She’s very busy, seriously.  She just finished third year of college, has an album review and food review deadline for the paper she writes for.  She is all things wonderful, like #1, but she gets stressed.  Nevertheless, she’s coming to town because it is MANDATORY.  Her best friend is turning 21 and bff, birthday girl and all friends are required to party like rock stars all weekend. I mean, duh!  So, I may run into her as she dashes off to celebrate; there is no doubt she will be wearing something of mine.  I mean, double duh!  And if I want to get a good look at her, I’ll need to set my alarm for 5 a.m. and creep into her room. And after all is said and done, you can bet there will be drama.

Must end this post as an imminent hunt for mind-altering drugs is necessary.  Just to handle the impending theatrical histronics, of course.


7 thoughts on “Save The Drama For Your Mama

  1. Oh dear. What is a Mother to do? We just have to be there and hope they survive. 😉

  2. This sure sounds like my life before my grown kids left. I will definitely be thinking about you over the next month when your daughter is in Europe.

    I just love the stories when they return from overseas trips, “Mom, I almost landed in a burning geyser!” Son in South American. “Mom, I just spent a week in the Bejing airport over New Years. That’s why I couldn’t call.” WOW! Don’t our offspring know we need to sleep at night?

  3. bwahahaha! I do hope you are surviving thus far.

  4. Yeah and next we’ll be debating oil spills! 🙂

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