Food for Thought

Carb Love


 There are those of us who can be oh-so-peculiar about our likes and dislikes when it comes to this subject.  Our finicky food preferences can make life interesting and/or hideous. 

Consider planning a dinner party for eight.  It wouldn’t be unusual to have a guest list loaded with picky eaters… maybe a vegan, a vegetarian, a cheese-hater, a couple of meat-and-potatoes guys rounded out by a few of what the late author Laurie Colwin called, “O-positives for hostesses”.  The only solution to this menu nightmare is to have your dinner party at a restaurant where the professionals are trained to take the heat. 

I am freaky about food.  I behave at dinner parties because Momma taught me to mind my manners.  But she would tell you I’m way weird about all things comestible. Oh well.  My personal rules for wandering around a plate, in no special order, appear below.

  • I am scared of animal skin – won’t wear it or eat it.  Turkey and chicken are fine IF there is no skin, white meat only and totally cooked.
  • Turkey sandwiches must be accompanied by Fritos.
  • Pigs.  I’ve got a problem with pigs.  When I was very young and visiting my grandparents on their farm, I witnessed  a pig execution.  Obviously it scarred me, gastronomically speaking. So I only like pigs that are alive.  I did feed my kids turkey bacon and all was well, until they went to my mom and squealed for pig bacon.  Which they love.  Just got an email from Miss Peach; she washed down some pig knuckles with massive amounts of beer in Munich.  I am still gagging at the thought.  Pork rinds and pig’s feet belong on their owners. Gak.
  • Am terrified of frogs so I see no reason to eat their legs, even if they are dead. 
  • I love sweet tea and strong coffee.  And yes, I am high-strung.
  • A rather straightforward dinner plate is fine by me.  You know, a bit of this, some of that. 
  • I despise the word “supper” … it’s so …. it’s so … peppy and creepy.
  • Like most any vegetable raw – only eat cooked spinach, asparagus, and green beans.  Exception:  yams. Yuck. And green peas. Bleck. 
  • If I could, I would outlaw scrambled eggs.  The smell, the texture, the EVERYTHING about them makes me ill. Had a roommate in college whose entire culinary repertoire consisted of scrambled eggs.  Karma is a bitch.
  • I love poached eggs.  Go figure.
  • Chicken salad is delicious just as long as I don’t come across any of those white, crunchy tendon things. Just grossed myself right on out when looking for proper name of tendons.  Didn’t find it but did find the word pygostyle which would be chicken buttocks (what?) and people eat them (WHAT?). Chicken.
  • I love fruit – all fruit.
  • Am not a fan of sweet-n-sour anything.  Don’t like my entree to be confused with dessert.
  • I always order french fries when I order a salad.  Always.
  • Probably don’t even need to say that animal innards do not pass these lips.
  • Love homemade Green Goddess dressing, almond anything, oatmeal, most soups, and all carbs.
  • My Food Hall of Shame includes:  jalapenos stuffed with tuna and the vilified orange marshmallow Circus Peanuts.  Am sentimental about Jack in the Box tacos (my first fast food).

Obviously, I’m not  a member of the Clean Plate Club.  But I love to cook.  Which brings up another aspect of food … cooking.  There are actually people who debate whether talent in the kitchen is genetic or acquired.  Not my battle.  I have friends whose cooking rivals that of the best professional chefs and, on the flip side, there are those whose only culinary talent is stirring up trouble.  But that would be a tale for another day.


21 thoughts on “Food for Thought

  1. You eat your pigs while they are still alive???? Sick Sick Sick…….:) Actually, after reading this, I am now starving! Thanks alot!! And I am supposed to be on a diet!! Here Piggy Piggy Piggy…..Sooo Eeeee….Here Piggy Piggy…

  2. And shame on you for thinking like an Idiot…..I caught the comment about the “Schweaty Balls”…..sick sick sick (minds think alike) 🙂

  3. I’m strict about limiting my parties to 6 people, and here in SA it’s always ‘supper’; I don’t know anyone who actually says ‘dinner’ 🙂

    • Like the 6 people rule; many people here say supper. This will make you laugh – have been in a “supper” club for decades … and tonight it’s at my house.

  4. I am an equally picky eater and I fall in the vegetarian and occasional vegan category. Hard to get anything through my lips most of the times. Solution – I don’t attend dinner parties!

  5. Hi, nice post! I really like your post about Food for Thought
    Love the picture!

    Keep the good work!

  6. You wouldn’t guess it by looking at me, but I’m very weird about food. I can’t digest beef so I only eat chicken and turkey (white meat) and pork roast if I have to. I don’t care for ham or bacon. I have problems with fish so even though I like it, I have to limit myself to tuna fish unless I want to spend a couple of days in the bathroom. I’m good for most vegetables and fruits, love pasta, cheese and bread.

    I’m pretty easy to please at dinner parties. I don’t complain, don’t ask for special treatment and just eat around what I can’t eat.

  7. Frog legs…eww. I’m with you on the pig, too.

    I love chicken salad. Do you put grapes in it? That’s where I draw the line. I don’t like my fruit touching anything…even other fruit.

  8. Pfft… Opposite on damn near Every. Single. Item.

    You’re my BIZARRO twin!

    So there’s that. 🙂

  9. I am a DINNER person. I married a SUPPER lady. We have been arguing over the proper term for the meal for 20 years.

    I have never been in a nice restaurant where they seat you and hand you a SUPPER MENU….

  10. I am (as I recently revealed) allergic to courgettes. I fart if I eat tuna, or cucumbers. I dislike very strong curry and chilli type dishes. Other than that, I eat for England.

  11. Has to look up courgettes, Blogmella, but that’s ok, learn something new every day! I’m with you on the strong curry.

  12. I love poached eggs too! I am ok with it scramble but I totally get it about the smell of eggs

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