Toodle-loo… a bientot … ciao ….

My bag is packed.  Did you know they make you pay to check a suitcase on a plane? Ridiculous.  Shows you how long it’s been since I’ve been anywhere.  Hopefully, I’ll be sitting on Lady Di’s porch at this same time tomorrow, enjoying a beverage or seven.  With LD and Cowgirl. Can’t wait.  Long overdue.

gone fishing sign


20 thoughts on “Toodle-loo… a bientot … ciao ….

  1. have fun, let loose and at least give those men a running start.

  2. There for a minute I thought you were going to stop blogging! I’ve had several people do that and I’m beginning to think I’m the kiss of death to creative writing.

    Have a good vacation!

  3. Bon voyage Izzie. Have a great time.

  4. Are you back yet? What about now? Just kidding. Hope you have a great trip!

  5. have a great time

  6. Have a great time!

  7. Have a great trip and hope you don’t catch a groper 🙂

  8. Have a safe & fun trip! Have seven beverages…you are vacation!!! 😀


  9. Have a safe journey and enjoy yourself 🙂

  10. What are thoughts on religious services when no one kneels???

  11. I’m curious on your thoughts on religious services that don’t require kneeling……

  12. Does Cooper need a Mini?

  13. NICE!!! =) Have fun..or have relaxing times…or both =)

  14. Sexual religous services while kneeling…..I’m confused….where exactly is this Church?

  15. OK, that’s quite enough vacation for you missy, come back now!!!!!!

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