Amazing! True! Repulsive!

Went to my beautiful, happy office this morning. Flipped all the switches and went to work. Gee, I think I’ll print this report. Push the print button on the computer, twirled around in my chair to reach for the result. My, oh, my … all the buttons on the printer are going insane. Hmmmm … let me open the paper tray


Screamed and ran. Duh.


26 thoughts on “Amazing! True! Repulsive!

  1. OH MY GOD….that beats anything I’ve seen around here. You poor thing!

  2. Suddenly my eyes are being drawn to every tiny spot on the walls! 🙄

  3. You must work in my office. This morning I had giant crickets hopping around my feet while sitting at my desk. I wish I was kidding. 😦

    Better call I.T. and tell them you need bugs removed from your printing device.

    • Crickets? Are you near a swamp? IT at my office is a darling woman who fearlessly removed the interloper. Am currently home, suffering from the trauma and having the vapors……

  4. Really. Gag reflex = instant unplanned diet.

  5. Please tell me it’s legs didn’t start moving. I’ve got the heebs now.

  6. Could have been worse…..imagine if a SNAKE had crawled under there!…….

  7. I know by experience…YOU DON’T DO ROACHES!

  8. Wow, that sure is not the way to start the day.

  9. That is incredible! I’ve got a bug story for you. In middle school I wore a retainer that would fall out in the night. Once I awoke and felt something on my hand. I thought it was my retainer. I grabbed it and right before shoving it into my mouth, it started wiggling. I turned on the light to find an enormous beetle, the size of that bug in your copier, in my hand. GROSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!

  10. yeah, i would have screamed and ran too! that thing’s big!

  11. Ugh, it looks bigger than the logo on your printer…so to me, that’s big enough. Was it dead? Or was it moving? Do I even want to know… (shudders)

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