Mini Cooper Or Not? That IS The Question.

A car is a car is a car. Currently own approximately 3/4 of a “luxury” ride which I have never appreciated, especially the payments.  Don’t put much mileage on car in any given year.  On vacation, I drove this

I like. Because it goes where you point it. Because you cannot fill it with people. Hate driving with more than one person in car. Because it would be less expensive for me.  Because it has great maintainance/warranty programs.  Because I would only have to go to gas station every other month (I said I don’t drive all over the state).  But I must do my due diligence.  Have researched as much as possible.  Any helpful comments/advice would be appreciated. And yes, I do realize I could be squished like a bug.  Am willing to risk it.

Any comments?

Thank you in advance.

23 thoughts on “Mini Cooper Or Not? That IS The Question.

  1. My brother-in-law has one. Zippy, fun and economical. He loves it. If I didn’t have to lug around the ankle-biters I might have one too.

  2. It’s rather a sexy little thing too!

  3. I’ve always loved Mini Coopers, but they are just too small to accomodate my dogs.
    As with any car, just don’t buy any model in it’s first production year. Wait until they have all the kinks worked out in the 2nd or 3rd year.

  4. I’ve driven one since 2004 and now drive my almost-2-year-old in the back. We love motoring around in Hemmings, as we call him. And, boy, do I feel swish when I unload my kid and the stroller in 1.5 minutes aside another small family falling out of a massive Armada.

    Do it!

    • Love hearing this. Will have to think up a good name for it once I find out how I’m going to wrangle one. My dog is Cooper so I must be creative ……

  5. those that drive it..those that don’t wonder about small craft advisories!!! that’s me!!!(those that don’t)

    • Hey you! How you doin? As you may or may not know, when I’m on the road, there should be all craft advisories – stop, drop, and roll out of her way…..

  6. Do it! I would do it myself, If I could pour myself into one…..Just Do it!

  7. Just think, multi purpose… you can always carry it around like a fashion accessory if you want. Handy for carrying small change and a bit of lippy! 🙂

  8. Brandon used to go to a really expensive school (it looked like Hogwarts) before we ran away. The fees were about £10,000 per year (15,000 US dollars)! Anyway, one of the older kids drove a very souped up and flash Mini Cooper. I remarked on it and somebody told me his family name was “Cooper”. OK, I guess that explained that then.

    And BUY ONE, they are awesome cars.

    • I think I will, but I have to get a deal … am getting change out of sofa back as I type. Hogwarts, indeed? Should be a crime to give a kid a snazzy car, even if your name is Cooper, Mercedes, blah, blah, vomit.

  9. A friend had one and he loved it. He had to give it up when he told his boss (brother-in-law) to stuff it and started self contracting. It was too small to haul lumber and such.

  10. Very sexy ride, as long as you don’t plan on expanding your family or pets or moving any large items….:-)

    • Besides the economic angle, the fact that I CANNOT fit family in or move much more than a purse is exactly why I hope to make the deal. My dog is small and his name is Cooper so he HAS to come along for the ride. 🙂

  11. I saw one of these the other day with a toy-wind-up thingy stuck on the back. Cute!

    I only know one person who has one, and he really likes it.

  12. To the naysayers I say PFFT!

    Your big car is kinda like a big house. I’d be willing to bet you have a room or two in your house that, while nice to have, reaaaallly isn’t getting used all that often, and frankly, you’d be just fine without it.

    Better even. Because you don’t have to vacuum/dust it, or heat/cool it.

    I had a 2-seater CRX for 370K miles. The 4-door I got after that actually seemed SMALLER, because it was the standard 4 butts jobbie. I could cart dang near anything I needed to in that CRX, except unnecessary people. 😉

    So quit vacuuming & heating/cooling/gassing that ginormous ride.

    Go forth and procureth!

    (BTW: 8 years later I’ve now replaced the 4 butt jobbie with…. an Eos! EVEN BETTER than a Mini, but your mileage may vary.)

  13. How did I miss the Eos … that is a fine car, madam! Went to MINIville a week ago and refused to leave until I got what I wanted – and I wanted to drive off in a MINI and leave the luxury Batmobile behind. And so I did and I did. While it is certainly the red-headed stepchild to your wheels, I’m LOVING my sassy new ride. Mileage 32/34 – will fill tank every other month. Woo Hoo!

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