Ready, Willing, & Able Do Martha’s Vineyard

Hydrangea Heaven

Several weeks ago, I went on the perfect vacation. It was perfect because I was afforded four amazing days with Cowgirl and Lady Di.  Many years ago, we found that we play very well with one another. We think we are collectively hilarious, therefore, we are. At one point, we all lived in the same city. Today, I am still a city dweller,  Cowgirl lives on the rolling range, and Lady Di is a citizen of the world, our own Carmen Sandiego.  She presented Cowgirl and me with a Most Awesome Invitation back in March, inviting us to her home on Martha’s Vineyard. Oh, my … what a glorious backdrop for our reunion. 

A view from the porch

Another view from the back porch

Looking up from the edge of the water; so beautiful until I lost my balance and fell into swampy sidelines in my flipflops

Our ride for the week, compliments of Little Didi

When we weren’t laughing ourselves silly, we were eating. And laughing ourselves silly. 

Party favor from dinner the first night

First of all, the word “charming” applies to this island. It is lush, it is green, there are no traffic lights. The towns are delightful, the temperature is divine, and when driving around the countryside, you would swear you were in rural England. And the food is FRESH, FRESH, FRESH.  Evening One, we had dinner at Saltwater, 79 Beach Rd., Vineyard Haven. Di and Cowgirl had halibut, I went for fresh corn chowder topped with fried clams (perfection) followed by a fried green tomato with lobster salad. Have never tasted a better bread pudding in my life, and I’ve eaten A LOT of bread pudding. Do stop by. 

Lunch Day Two

Truffle fries at Atlantic

Atlantic,2 Main St., was the perfect lunch spot as we “did” Edgartown on Day Two. The ambience was so great; the restaurant is right on the water. All I remember is the enormous platter of truffle fries that arrived at our table perfectly crispy and hot and divine. I’ll have lobster, again. 

Don’t have a photo for Dinner Evening Two but I promise it was miles past delicious and, of course, charming at State Road, 688 State Rd., West Tisbury.  Didn’t hurt that we were seated next to Amy Brenneman; television does not do her beauty or delicacy justice. But I digress. Fresh snap pea soup, not thick but incredibly savory. And I hate peas. I know the lobster was delicious because that is what I ordered… again. Di had halibut, Cowgirl went for a house made fennel apple seitan imposter sausage something. The desserts were beyond. Upon leaving, we were given a box of muffins left from the morning menu. I told you everything is fresh. 

We’d go to a farmer’s market here and there.  Little flower stands, featuring whatever was picked in the morning, lined the lanes wherever we drove. Did I mention “charming”? I do believe we made it to every little shop on the island. First stop, Midnight Farm in Vineyard Haven; it is a boho-groovy-urban Anthropoligie-On- An- Island sort-of-place; it’s also famous because Carly Simon is a partner. 

Very cool magazine

Picked up the early summer copy of edible VINEYARD; published four times a year, this magazine is full of great articles, information, recipes, and design.  You can check it out at 

My favorite shop was Nochi in Vineyard Haven where I found great vintage silverplate “reclaimed” from old hotels. 

Flowers like these are in front of most shops

The last evening we went back to Edgartown, with its cobblestone streets and great buildings (promise not to say the “c” word again).

Roadside fence with ROSES

Historic place next to historic church (?) and roses, of course!

Dinner at eight at Alchemy,71 Main St., more good food. The menu was interesting and adventurous in a very Episcopalian way (later about that). Cowgirl found the cocktail of her dreams, a magic lemon gimlet, Di went halibutting again and I had the strangest salad ever. Billed as “The Salad the Chefs Eat”, it was described as having all sorts of great veggies tossed in red wine vinegar with a blob of buttery mashed potatoes on top. What? Yep, and it was the best! Couldn’t face another lobster, but of course, we had to have dessert. Waddled out, stuffed ourselves into the MINI and shot off for home. We were quite sad to think we were leaving this heaven the next day, but of course, once home, we found everything  panty-wetting(?),  pant-wettingly (?)  damn funny. So we had to stay up and laugh more. 

The next day, after great coffee and more laughing, Lady Di, the ultimate hostess, ferried us to the airport. Cape Air runs nine-seater planes up and down the coastline. Cowgirl turned green again (she was green on the way over, too). I jumped in the copilot’s seat. 

It is really hot sitting up front

The view is pretty good

Cowgirl remained green until we hopped onto the tarmac at Logan. We hooked it through terminals to meet our next flight home.  It was a perfect trip, you know the kind, where you don’t want to ever leave but you have to. And the memory stays perfect. 

Lady Di - LOVE YOU, MEAN IT!!!!!!!!


25 thoughts on “Ready, Willing, & Able Do Martha’s Vineyard

  1. It sounds blissful and quite luxurious. When good visiting leads to incontinence you know you’re among the best friends.
    Now, about that Episcopalian menu …

    • It is a wonderful place …. incontinence, THAT was the word I was looking for. Three women on a four-day incontinence bender. Re: Episcopalian menu – the restaurant didn’t serve communion, but the island has more Episcopal churches than some small states. Loved it, but then I am an Episcopalian. 🙂

  2. It all sounds and looks absolutely wonderful. I am seriously jealous.

    • Oh, it is something else. Di told me many of the homeowners hire house sitters for the winter – contemplated that for about 5 seconds before I remembered “The Shining”. I would have no problem cleaning houses or working in a cupcake shop to earn my keep during the non-winter months.

  3. The hydrangeas and roses are so beautiful! Your trip looks and sounds delightful. I would love to see these places. My husband and I are always looking for interesting places to visit. Thanks for featuring them on your post.

    • You all are such amazing artists … you would be over the moon there. Am a horrid photographer so I can only imagine the shots you’d get. Many, many creative types there – I hope you go. 🙂

  4. I love New England, but haven’t been to Martha’s Vineyard yet…need to get my beloved’s passport renewed! Looks like a gorgeous place!


  5. Oh, do get that passport renewed. It is a little spot of heaven. Thanks for checking it out.:)

  6. That looks like a devine getaway! All the good things in life – great food, great friends and laughter. I gotta plan something like this soon!

  7. You had me at Truffle Fries.

    And seriously? You say LYMI too? SERIOUSLY? The co-inki-dinks get more eerie by the minute.

    • Oh my – I say co-inki-dinks, too. And have been on the LYMI train for quite a while. And the truffle fries … well, you can only imagine how wonderful they were. The only similar item I’ve had that might be better were homemade tater tots cooked in truffle oil. Am getting fatter than a pig just thinking about all this. 🙂

  8. Great pictures! Sounds like a fun trip. I need to add it to my places to visit.

  9. That just brightened up my rainy, gray summer day (yes, even in SoCal). I’ve never been to New England, but always wanted to go. This cements it! Thanks for sharing.

  10. Love SoCal, rainy or otherwise. New England is unlike any place I’ve ever been, except maybe Old England. 🙂

  11. What a great vacation! I’m hungry now.

  12. Beautiful post! Love the pictures, especially the flowers…

    • Honey, you would LOVE the food; the flowers are icing on the cake:)

      • oh, the food sounds yummy!!! are you going to post more about the food w/ pictures? i want to see that lobster you had…mmm… speaking of lobsters, i dine on a lobster roll recently (more on that later) but i can just imagine how good it can be when done right. oh and i m loving the hydrangea pictures! Absolutely love them.

  13. I have always wanted to go there, now I remember why! Thanks for the great info and pics! Have added it to our “must do” list after the kid leaves the nest.

  14. That sounds awesome. I hope to move to the east coast in the next couple of years so will maybe get to visit there. 😀

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