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I need an intervention.  I cannot leave a bookstore empty-handed. My “to read” stack is taller than I am.  Have been approached many times by well-meaning employees asking me if I would like to Kindle or Nook.  My answer is always the same. No. I like the whole gig of reading, turning the page, holding something tangible – and heavier than a tablet – in my hand. Could hide my bad habit if I did have a Kindle, but I like books in their purest form.  Still, enough is enough. Wonder if there is a 12-step program for people like me? If there is, I’m glad I’m not in it yet because the book I am LOVING at this very minute is:

Cannot put this down ...

If you read White Mischief, loved the rather tangled social intrigue in “Out of Africa”, or just like riveting, true stories of Edwardian London/Kenya in the 1920’s and 30’s, then you will adore The Bolter, The Story of Idina Sackville written by her great-granddaughter, Frances Osborne.

Which reminds me, I’ve got a lot of reading to do.


18 thoughts on “More Monthly Pages

  1. As the co-owner of an antiquarian bookstore, I am very happy to hear you say that you still want to read real books!


  2. The Bolter was MY book of the summer last year. Loved it and wish I could have been there for it all-

  3. Oh, I am a jealous wreck – what a lovely workplace! There are many of us who appreciate the turning of a page. Cheers! 🙂

  4. Intoxicating forages to bookstores can not be replaced by techno alternatives (such as Kindle) for true book adorers. The ever consuming quest for textured, magical books, that you not only treasure at your fingertips, but emerse your soul in for the duration of the story, is a literary love affair that includes the excitement and luxury of the search as you amble through a good book store. Time spent touching and absorbing books allows you to choose ones you will cherish.

  5. I’m with you, no interest in Kindle or Nook!

  6. I see you have Waiter Rant. I’ve been interested to read it, but figured it would make my head explode.

  7. I love real books too. The smell, texture and rustle of the pages, typefaces, cover art – all of it. I could spend hours in a bookstore drooling over all the lovely covers and quessing at what wonders they hold. It’s a whole ritual, going to the store, searching out your treasure and cradling it in your arms as you leave.
    The Bolter sounds very interesting, I might have to make room for it on my shelf!

  8. I’m here for your intervention. Never, ever, leave a bookstore empty-handed. Wait…I think I messed up.

  9. I am so relieved to hear that I am not alone is my buying book compulsion. Currently, I have four going simultaneously. You summer reads look intriguing…maybe after I finish with mine…

  10. I’d better edit next time, sorry for the errors 😦

  11. I’m very against the Kindle and e-book craze. I’m a part of the techo-fabulous generation, but I can’t abandon my books. I still write letters for heaven’s sake!! I guess I’m old school. If I had money I’d buy more books, but as a poor college kid I hit the library. Hard and often 🙂

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