Eat A Peach: Travel Treasures

Fresh! Fresh! Fresh!

Whenever I hear the phrase, “Eat a peach”, I know someone somewhere is going  all Allman Brothers on me. While running up and down the roads of Central Texas last week, I listened to KLBJ whenever I could. Classic rock … AC/DC, Foghat, Rush,  Uriah Heep, ZZ, Steve Miller Band. Wasn’t listening because of the music – the disc jockeys were the entertainment. “Dude” this and “Man” that; perhaps the peace pipe was moving concentrically around the room. Sort of a “back of van with Jeff Spicoli and surfer dudes headed to a concert” situation. The broadcast cut out on me when one DJ was musing on how many home runs Babe Ruth could have logged had he been on rowdy powder.  But I digress. The real purpose here is to show off the treasures I found. 

Fred peaches are the BEST! (see photo). This time of year, there are fresh peach stands all around Fredericksburg, Texas. They are sweet and juicy and delicious… just peachy! It may be against the law if you DON’T stop and buy a bag full. Yum factor, $5. 

"Tramp" lamp found in Bandera

This beauty may be the best bargain I’ve ever found. We stopped at one of those huge, musty warehouses advertising “Antiques” in Bandera. I snagged this puppy for $7. Seven Dollars! It has to be rewired but SEVEN DOLLARS? 

My sentiments, exactly

Ok, so it’s just a coaster. But the message is awesome. Wish I’d thought of it. About $3 at The Busy Bee, somewhere between Bastrop and Columbus. 

More Bee buzz .....

I love this. A new mantra! No wonder I’m unemployed.  Can I put “silly” as a strength on my resume? 

Sadie, Sadie, Overbite Lady

Actually Sadie belongs to Austin Ann but she is so adorable I had to snap her photo. Don’t tell her, but her parents and siblings are show dogs; she was punted from the circuit due to an overbite issue. What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her, right? Sadie the Sheltie, priceless! 

Another Busy Bee find

Helmet is a MUST. The word “cute” icks me sideways. Don’t need a manicure, but I do have a free pedicure certificate here somewhere … let’s see …. found it! Sign I sort of like, $3-ish. 

Goals of day: ignore all responsibilities, try to dial in KLBJ, eat a peach, get back to my addictions- Angry Birds and Words With Friends.  Better get moving …. 


15 thoughts on “Eat A Peach: Travel Treasures

  1. OK, I’m speechless. What the hell? I have a lovely thong/flip flop from Perth that would go swell with your collection 🙂

  2. Lucky finds. To me, peaches taste of happiness 🙂

  3. Oh, that is a nice lamp. You did good! As for Sadie…oh, she’s such a cute lady! Overbite is a blessing really…who wants to led a boring life as a show dog?!? 😉

    • Yes, FT, am quite proud of the $7 lamp. But you know how that goes, it will cost a million dollars to get it working. Considering using it as paperweight. Am sure Sadie feels blessed and would say so, if she could 😉

  4. “Life is not a problem to solve, but rather, a gift to unwrap.” Tears or not, you so get this, finding gifts each day. You are magic. Love you most.

  5. The “issues” thing is genius! 😀

  6. “Double shot of silly”–I love that!

    I actually just tried my first fresh peach the other day. Maybe I should have held out for a Fred Peach.

  7. I like the lamp, and I love peaches…wish we could grow them in New Brunswick, but the growing season is too short…any fresh peaches we get have to come from Nova Scotia or Ontario…

    I think “silly” is a strength…it takes guts to be silly!

    Glad you’re feeling better!


  8. Thanks, Wendy – you’re the best 🙂 Have to remember how lucky I am to live where the peaches are plentiful.

  9. Sadie didn’t want to be a show dog anyway. Those silly dogs are all neurotic.

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