Who Are You & How Can You Do This?



Last night, I watched Boston Med, ABC’s new medical reality docu/drama. I thought it was excellent … and disturbing.  One of the stories told was that of Marvin Pollet, a 55-year old man from Louisiana.  He suffered from amloidosis, a protein disorder that can attack vital organs.  If the heart comes under attack, cardiac failure can occur.  And so it did, in Marvin. His cardiologist at Mass Gen was Dr. Kimberly Parks.  Apparently, Marvin was scheduled to see Dr. Parks three weeks earlier but an alleged insurance snafu delayed his visit. He desperately needed a heart transplant, but he had to get to Mass Gen to be evaluated in order to be put on the transplant list.  He lost three weeks, his health deteriorated rapidly, and despite Dr. Park’s determination to save his life, he went into cardiac failure and died before a donor could be found.

What I find so disturbing is the insurance link in his tale. There are too many Marvin stories in this country. People who pay for health care only to find that if they become very ill, it’s a “too bad, so sad” situation. Insurance declined. Insurance Company says, “No”. The ridiculous maze of hoops we must jump through, just to get a portion of health care we pay dearly for, could also be cause for cardiac arrest. If you are very wealthy, a public figure, or a celebrity, well, you’re golden. For the rest of us, unless we hit a goldmine, the pot at the end of our rainbow reads, RIP, Insurance was Declined.

Who sits on these health insurance death squad committees? You know, the statistics gang who will decide whether you and I live or die someday? Any day? Is this a vaunted position? What are your credentials, seriously? Is it easy to sentence people to death because they are just names on paper? How does it feel to bankrupt Average Joe? Now he sits in his house that has been foreclosed on because his medical bills took him to the bank and closed his account. Do you get paid big bucks to let people die? How does it feel to know that you have, in your special way, contributed to the ruination/end of an untold number of lives?  Every Single Day. Sleep well? Hope not.  Just sayin’…


23 thoughts on “Who Are You & How Can You Do This?

  1. Great post! I don’t watch a lot of tv but sometimes the shows on are thought provoking. Thanks for sharing.

    • Further, I think (and I may be wrong) a lot of the policy-makers today are either out-of-loop, lobbyist, or people who belongs to what your referred to as the “golden” echelon. I think by pointing this out, you help inspire others who are heading into that general direction some food-for-thought. Many thanks for that!

  2. Our family moved from the U.S. to Canada in 1969…in 1984, my mother was diagnosed with the first of several chronic conditions…she was ill until her death in 2007. I believe that if we had been in the States, we never would have been able to make it financially…medical bills would have taken what little we had. Thank God for universal health coverage (although we still rely on private insurance for drugs/dental care).


    • You are exactly right, Wendy – you all would have been living under a bridge if you’d stayed here. I’m sorry about your mom, but I am glad she had good health care. What we are charged vs. what we recieve is way out of balance. Plus, I don’t like the idea that my life could hang on the decision of some anonymous jackholes who could care less. Meh!

  3. Good post. My father-in-law recently retired as a physician and had nothing but negative comments for the “decision-makers” at insurance companies.

  4. Did he have any idea who these people are? God bless him for hanging in there for however long he did. The process is sick (no pun intended).

  5. It is a crying shame 😦

  6. We are all equally deserving of basic qualities of life…integrity of our food supply, solid and accessible education, and immediate care and medications when we are ill. Certainly it is only civilized to provide such basic care. The ground is level…why would anyone be deserving of these things over someone else? Thanks for caring and promoting discussion. Love you!

  7. I saw the show also, and it’s a sad truth that the health insurance companies are un by a bunch of idiots! I’m going to school for medical billing, and I plan to do my best to listen, understand, and work with people in order to ensure they get the best care. Thanks for your post! I’m eager to be a part of the new healthcare plan set for 2014 even though in many cases it would be too late like in Marvin’s case. If I were his wife I would be filing a law suit.

    • Tonya – thank you for commenting AND for planning to enter that arena and make a difference. Yes, perhaps Marvin’s wife is already in the process; perhaps these “deciders” have no choice but to deny care as all our money is going to fight suits already filed by familes of the DENIED. Hmmmm…. thanks for stopping by and please come again.

  8. And I, you – Miss Angel. You hit on a very important word … civilized. Maybe these insurance “judges” are a pack of wild, rabid animals. Why are you up at 1:55 am?

  9. topic near and dear to my heart as I’ve moved to self-employment. I am paying $692 a month out of pocket for insurance that is far inferior to what I had in my last job! I have to think about every time I want to go to the Dr., gave up dentist visit as that’s not covered… and I’m fortunate enough to have the ability to buy some coverage.
    We are living in a time of greed, power and control…

    • Oh – self-employment … isn’t it AMAZING how the insurance companies punish you with their fees – and the government taxes – whew; feel your pain, really. I think that’s why so many of these “pharmacy clinics” have popped up everywhere – they are cheaper than going to dr. office. Do the dentist however you can – they will make arrangements with you, or so I’ve found. Thanks for your comments, Walker.

  10. OK, well that ruined the ending to the show 🙂 As for insurance, we are all going to hell in a handbag 😦

  11. Oh, you LOON … it’s like the city … there are many stories (in the show); if you see it, you will get pissed off, too. Health insurance … money for nothing and the chicks are dead.

  12. I thank my lucky stars that we don’t pay insurance companies for our health care (here in the UK). My family would have been destitute by now. I hope your Govt. helps people more and soon.

  13. Me, too Blogmella but I’m afraid we’ll see pigs fly first. Or not, because our medical treatments have been DENIED.

  14. This is a great thought-provoking post. I couldn’t agree more with what you said. I have a good friend who works in healthcare and she herself has some stories, man-oh-man!

  15. Hey Bon! Thanks so much. I wish your friend could tell her stories. Maybe someday ….. 😉

  16. I have friends who own a nicer house than I do, drive nicer cars than I do, yet they don’t work. They are on medicare and run to the doctor/dentist/eye doctor for the slightest thing because the state pays for it. Meanwhile someone in my family has to nearly die before we will get treatment since we don’t have insurance and can’t pay for a doctor visit. There is something very shameful in that.

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