Am pretty sure I’m going insane. Before I go, there is something I’d like to get off my chest. Normally, I don’t know that I’d give this thought a thought; under self-induced house arrest for the past two weeks, well, I’ve made my life crazy and small.  Just for today, I wish I were someone else. So if you don’t agree with me, blame it her/him/it. Rock, paper, scissors. Whatever.

  • Am I an idiot because I don’t understand the “historic significance” of President Obama appearing on “The View” tomorrow. Don’t get me wrong, I like Whoopi and some of her gang. But I don’t understand all the self-promotion of this upcoming show; it is not the Second Coming. To make matters worse, poor Barbara Walters is leaving her sickbed to be on hand for the Big Event. I would think, hope, pray that our President would have a million more important items on his agenda for tomorrow before he’d get to #1,000,001- Appear on daytime tv talk show. 

Whirled peas, my ass! Off to watch paint peel…


15 thoughts on “Are You KIDDING Me?

  1. I could be missing something…don’t quite get the “whirled peas” reference…

    I agree that Obama should have better things to do with his time. I loved The View when it first came on (I liked Meredith and Joy), but haven’t watched in years. I can see how they’d be excited to score the President as a guest, though…

    Hope you’re feeling saner soon…


    • Sanity may or may not return, Wendy – oh well! Have never seen The View before last week. It’s OK – but think the President could make better use of his time. Really 🙂 Ridiculous!

  2. I knew nothing of this, but now that you mention it, it seems pretty stupid. All I’ve heard about ‘The View’ is they are all a bunch of petty, bickering women. Why would the President even show up for something like this? Is he going to be on an episode of 24 next?

  3. Just saw the show for the first time last week – can only take about 20 minutes – everyone is talking at once, it gets pretty shrill – I don’t need to watch that, I live that! I think 24 is over but I now expect him to appear on Dancing with the Stars, American Idol, and hopefully, Jersey Shore.
    As for all matters Presidential, he’s onto our motto, “Oh well, what the hell”?

  4. I know nothing about the show, but agree that he could be doing something more constructive with his time.

  5. Maybe he (or his team) wants to appeal to a certain demographic? 2012 is not that far away.

  6. Foodtable, your probably right. When he was elected it was a lot because of his personality and charisma. Now his popularity is sliding because of his failures as a president. So naturally he will try to charm himself into getting re-elected. Makes sense.

    • P – I agree with you and FT re: charming factor … my issue is about who he’s charming … couldn’t that charm be turned on heads of state instead?

      • good question izzie. total guess here, but i think he’s charming the popular votes now which may have some influence with the electoral votes later on. also, as a incumbent, isn’t he almost a shoo-in if he can keep a certain % of popularity in check? that’s what i learned in school anyway…

        paradigm, i think all politicians do stuff like that regardless of political spectrum. i know, it shouldn’t be that way… 😦 Anyway, now that you mentioned it, I recall that they ran on the platform that his admin will be more accessible. Maybe their definition of accessibility is to appear on tv and social media networks…

  7. You are sooooo right ON!!!!!! Pathetic and bizarre and where are his good people who keep his obsession with celebrity on a leash??? Truly …ewwwww……

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